Don Rubin, Edoardo Airoldi, and Vishesh Karwa joined the department of Statistical Science at the Temple University Fox School of Business

September 28, 2018

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Distinguished Lecture Series: Dr. Jim Berger

May 05, 2017

The Department of Statistical Science at Temple University’s Fox School of Business recently launched its Distinguished Lecture Series by welcoming a research leader in its discipline.

Dr. Jim Berger, arts and sciences professor of statistics at Duke University, visited the Fox School of Business May 5 to present his findings on the reproducibility of science. His latest work in this area has been published in the Journal of Mathematical Psychology, and sheds light on an important area of statistical science, as scientists have now been paying increasing attention to reproducibility of their findings.

Nearly 40 people, including members of the Fox School’s faculty, and doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate student populations, packed a room in Temple’s Speakman Hall to hear Berger’s presentation.

The Distinguished Lecture r Series, cosponsored by the Department of Statistical Science and the s Center for High-Dimensional Statistics, will invite academic and research leaders like Berger to the Fox School of Business several times each year to lead discussions on areas of high interest and engagement in the field of statistical science.

“We are delighted to -launch the department’s Distinguished Lecture Series with a speaker as dynamic and accomplished as Jim Berger,” said Dr. Sanat K. Sarkar, Chair of Fox’s Department of Statistical Science and Cyrus H. K. Curtis Professor of Statistics. “In the coming months, we greatly look forward to welcoming more innovators, thought-leaders, and top researchers to the Fox School of Business as part of this series.”

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7th Annual PhD Program School-Wide Student Research Competition

Kaijun Wang – Third place of the 2nd year Winners
Yeil Kwon – First place of the Dissertation Proposal Winners
Lauren Spirko – First place of the Dissertation Winners