Human Resource Management Major

  • The Human Resource Management (HRM) major prepares students for careers in human resource management and general management. Those who study HRM normally work as corporate recruiters, employee relations specialists, HR generalists, HR directors, staffing managers, compensation and benefits managers, and training managers. In addition to studying with award-winning faculty, students are expected to become involved in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), which offers guest speakers, networking events, internships and co-ops, and other career development activities; this balance of academic study and professional development leads to career success. All HRM majors are required to participate in the HRM Professional Development Program and earn Badges. This program was created to respond to employer expectations regarding the skill sets of college graduates. Please refer to the Guide to HR Badges for the program structure.

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Human Resources Management Minors

  • Organizational Leadership Minor

    The courses comprising the Leadership Minor focus on workplace demands for leadership from an organizational and interpersonal point of view. Corporate executives and numerous studies indicate the need for business school graduates to move beyond their technical competence as they go into leadership roles. Leadership skills developed through the Leadership Minor enable graduates to think and act in ways that reflect sophisticated competencies (from interpersonal to technical) that benefit the interests of multiple organizational stakeholders. This minor is open to all business and School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management students.

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  • Legal Studies Minor for Human Resource Managers

    The legal aspects of managing people at all levels of business and nonprofit organizations come into play in a wide variety of human resources policies and decisions as well as the ramifications of decisions about the business itself. Compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations also creates the need for HR practitioners to consider the legal ramifications of hiring, training, coaching, disciplining, and terminating individual employees. Larger organizational issues such as layoffs, restructuring, outsourcing, benefits, retirement programs and decisions must also be made in compliance with the law. This minor is designed to prepare students for the legal issues that human resource professionals regularly address in the workplace. Note: This minor is only open to Human Resource Management majors.

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  • Human Resource Minor for Legal Studies

    Law permeates most aspects of our business lives, and few decisions lack legal repercussions. In a business setting, the law regulates such things as who businesses can hire and fire, the liability for people injured on a business premises, and labor/management relations. On the other hand, organizations are hiring non-lawyer professionals to manage the most important asset of business, namely its human talent. Those employees are usually trained in human resource management. In practice, lawyers and human resource managers work hand in hand to deal with employee problems and statutory regulations dealing with compliance issues. A major in law with a minor in human resource management is a natural fit. Students will learn the legal repercussions of a business decision while also being exposed to the management and human side of that decision. Note: This minor is only open to Legal Studies majors.

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  • Sales Minor

    Augment your business degree with skills and expertise in sales, persuasion, negotiation, marketing, and customer relationship management. Applicable to any business major, skills and learning from the Fox School Sales Minor align with personalized career strategies and allow Fox students to differentiate themselves to prospective employers in a distinctive and relevant way. Students pursuing the Sales Minor are encouraged to join the Professional Sales Organization (PSO), a student professional organization offering the opportunity to develop one’s professional network and applicable skills in sales. The Sales Minor is open to all business students.

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Human Resource Management Graduate Programs

  • MBA with Human Resource Management Concentration

    Gone are the days of sitting in class with a professor lecturing about abstract business concepts that may never be used in your day-to-day job. The Fox MBA—Executive, Global, Part-Time, or Online—features innovative resources that help students gain cutting-edge business and hands-on experience in generating business solutions.

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  • Master of Science in Human Resource Management

    Our Master of Science in Human Resource Management offers a flexible path to earning a master’s degree that’s certified to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) standards. Whether you’re looking to launch or accelerate your career, you’ll gain the technical competence necessary to build a successful career in HR management. And, because the program is one of the only human resource management programs in the area to be housed within a business school, you’ll also develop the business acumen and global perspective that will set you apart from the competition.

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  • Certificate in Human Resource Management

    This graduate certificate is designed for HR professionals who want to enhance their strategic HRM skills and increase their knowledge of contemporary practices in rewards and compensation, employment law, and international staffing. The program, which includes 12 credit hours of classes, provides continuing education that HR practitioners need through the accumulation of graduate credits from a SHRM-certified curriculum and the AACSB-accredited Fox School of Business. Students who earn a final grade of B- or above are fully transferrable to the Fox School’s MS in Human Resource Management program.

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  • SHRM Certification Exam Preparation Course

    This comprehensive, 12-week-long course prepares students to earn their SHRM certification. Certified instructors, experiential learning, networking opportunities with HR professionals, and one-on-one guidance are incorporated into the curriculum for better understanding, application, and engagement with all required HR competencies in order to guarantee students earn their SHRM certification according to schedule.

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Human Resource Management Doctoral

  • PhD in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior

    The PhD concentration in Human Resource Management/Organizational Behavior (HRM/OB) at the Fox School prepares students for academic careers at prominent research universities. Research is one of the most important parts of a PhD student’s academic life. Our curriculum provides training in methodology and diverse content areas to enable students to achieve research excellence. The PhD program integrates world-renowned research faculty with intimate class sizes and a forward-thinking curriculum in order to help students succeed in today’s academic world. As part of Temple University, our students have access to the technology and resources offered by one of the largest urban universities on the East Coast. Students enrolled in the PhD program enjoy unparalleled academic opportunities: dedicated research events that contribute to building robust research portfolios, the support to present their research work at international conferences, and the chance to network with top researchers from around the world. PhD students are an integral component of the Fox School’s mission to be a leading center of business research. It provides a supportive and collaborative research environment in which students may conduct groundbreaking research that pushes the frontiers of theory and practice. One of the ways we encourage collaboration is through our established mentorship culture, where students are matched with faculty who provide individualized attention on research projects. Through formal and informal mentorship, PhD students gain powerful support that will help them adapt to the rigors of academic life and successful scholarship.

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  • Faculty

    Our acclaimed faculty members employ diverse methodologies to explore topics ranging from leadership and workplace anger to organizational justice and diversity. Due to this interdisciplinary approach, our faculty members regularly publish in premier journals, while also serving on the Editorial Review Boards for the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and the Journal of Organizational Behavior. In addition, department members hold associate editor roles and prominent leadership positions in the Academy of Management, as well as the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Working in concert with our dedicated faculty, HRM/OB doctoral students explore a wide range of topical issues. Many students have already participated in top international conferences, and incoming students can expect to collaborate with their faculty mentors on joint research and publications.

  • Funding

    Applications received by January 15 will receive full consideration; applying earlier is encouraged. Students are evaluated on the basis of GMAT (or GRE) scores, undergraduate and/or graduate GPA, personal statement, prior research experience, letters of recommendation, and TOEFL scores (for non-native English speakers). All students accepted are considered for full financial support. Funding typically comes in the form of an assistantship and includes full tuition, health insurance, and a competitive stipend for at least four years based on adequate progress and yearly evaluations. Students who apply before the January 15 deadline are also considered for Temple’s prestigious university fellowships.