Student Success Stories

Three accounting students share insight into their experiences at the Fox School and the impact of financial assistance on their academic and professional careers.

Andrew Drake, Class of 2018

“I love the Fox School of Business. There’s something about it—the mentality within the school, about collaboration but also ambition, and pushing yourself forward—that makes me excited to go to class every day.”

Anna Palutis, BBA ’16 and MAcc ’17

“Without the MAcc program, I wouldn’t have already passed four parts of the CPA Exam, wouldn’t have been able to gain all the credits that I needed to be a CPA, meet the awesome faculty, or [receive] the resources I now have.”

Kuntal Patel, BBA ’17 and MAcc Class of 2018

“Just being in this Fox family and the Department of Accounting, I never thought I would find something like this at a college. It’s been a unique experience. It’s incredible, and I’ll never forget it.”