*Please note, you need an active, valid passport to apply for this program.

Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

Irish CliffsThe Fox School of Business & Management and Temple IGMS/CIBER have recently developed a partnership with The Quinn School of Business, University College Dublin, to include study abroad opportunities for business majors.

Study Abroad at UCD


International Programs, CIBER/IGMS Alter Hall 701

Jeffrey Conradi
Title: Associate Director
Phone: 215.204.1725
Email: jeffrey.conradi@temple.edu

Application Deadlines

Visit The Office of Education Abroad to view all program deadlines

The Application Process

The first step towards participating in a study abroad program is to connect with the Education Abroad Office by attending a Foundations of Study Abroad session. Click here to learn more and register.

You are then required to meet with your academic advisor to create an academic plan.

Finally, visit the IGMS/CIBER office to discuss program options and UCD’s application process.  To download an application, please click here. Please note that you must adhere to deadlines posted above and not those set by UCD.

Please note, you need an active, valid passport to apply for this program.

General Information

University College Dublin (UCD) dates its origin from the foundation in 1851 of the Catholic University of Ireland. Today, it is Ireland’s largest university with 22,000 students and 2,500 academic staff. More than 2,000 international students from 80 different countries are currently studying at UCD and are welcomed for the valuable international dimension that they add to campus life. The Quinn School of Business, UCD, is the only business school in Ireland to hold both the AACSB and EQUIS accreditation – the quality mark for top ranking business schools in the U.S. and Europe. Visit the Quinn School website for additional details.

The Quinn School of Business has one of the most advanced information technology infrastructures in Europe. Laptop computers are a required and integral part of the learning process. As part of the new learning environment at Quinn School, UCD, the vast majority of classes are taught in groups of approximately thirty to fifty students. This small group teaching environment enhances the learning experience by facilitating closer interaction between lecturers and students and encourages class debate and personal development.

Since its inception, UCD has established a long and distinguished tradition of service to scholarship and to the community; succeeding generations of graduates have played a central role in the shaping of modern Ireland and in the conduct of international affairs.

Cultural and Social Program

One of the essential elements of the study abroad experience at Quinn is for the international students to fully understand and appreciate the richness of Irish society and culture. Students have the opportunity to learn about Irish culture through a series of excursions and field trips across Ireland accompanied by Irish students, or ‘cara’, the Gaelic word for friend. Ireland’s rich and complex history has left a remarkably artistic legacy while modern Ireland continues to be the global center of artistic and cultural excellence.

Program Requirements

Fox School of Business students must meet the following criteria to participate in the exchange:

  1. Must be enrolled full-time at the time of application;
  2. Must have an active, valid passport;
  3. Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.00.

Study Abroad Process at Fox

For more information about the study abroad process at Fox School of Business, including information on course approval, making an appointment with your advisers, and the application process, please see here.

Irish History and Culture Required Course

Students attending the Quinn School of Business typically take four Business courses per semester and a required course in Irish History and Culture. This module is entitled From Colony to Republic: the making of Modern Ireland (SBUS30010). Field trips to places of historical interest are an integral component of this module.


The fees for registration and tuition for the Study Abroad Program can be found on the UCD Study Abroad website. Please note that scholarships, grants, financial aids and loans that you are currently receiving for studying at Temple may be transferred as long as the non-Temple program paperwork is completed.

Summer Internship Opportunity

The Quinn School of Business Summer Internship Program provides students with a challenging international business experience in the modern European city of Dublin. The eight week program will consists of a one week intensive course in Irish history, politics, and culture and a six week internship placement at a leading Irish/International company of choice. This is a non-credit internship opportunity.

Semester Calendar

Fall semester runs from September and through December. Spring semester starts in early January, has a three week mid-term break in March, and finals are completed by the end of May. The eight week summer internship lasts from early June to late July.


The campus is situated at Belfield, three miles south of Dublin’s city center, on a beautifully landscaped 350 acre site. Dublin, the capital city of the Republic of Ireland, is a cosmopolitan city, bustling with energy and excitement. You can practically hear the roar as this old city on the western shore of the Irish Sea transforms itself into Western Europe’s fastest-growing urban tourist destination — a center of new construction and restoration. Even though it has shown recent signs of slowing down, “the Celtic Tiger” — the nickname given to the roaring Irish economy — has turned Dublin into a boomtown. Elegant shops and hotels, galleries, art-house cinemas, coffeehouses, and a stunning variety of restaurants have sprung up on almost every street in the capital. Roughly half of the Irish Republic’s population of 3.6 million people lives in Dublin and its suburbs.

The city is a great center for culture with fine museums, art galleries and theatres. Dublin is also home to a great literary tradition, its native sons include Shaw, Yeats, Wilde, Joyce and Beckett (James Joyce is a UCD graduate). You can’t talk about Dublin without mentioning the architecture; walking around the city you’ll see everything from mediaeval and Georgian architecture to more modern buildings.


Student accommodation on-campus is in two locations – the Belfield campus and the Blackrock campus. The Blackrock campus is located approximately 3 miles from Belfield. Information regarding accommodation is available here.

For queries regarding off-campus accommodation please contact madeline.molyneaux@ucd.ie.