Dec 4 • 1 min read

The following three Accounting students share insight into the impact of financial assistance on their academic and professional careers. Hear about their experiences at the Fox School and the significance of the scholarships they received to pursue their degrees.

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Andrew Drake, BBA ’18
“I received a full scholarship from the Fox School of Business and that’s really allowed me to pursue my passion in accounting and finance.”

Anna Palutis, BBA ’16 and MAcc ’17
“If it wasn’t for those scholarships, I wouldn’t have joined the MAcc program. Without the MAcc program, I wouldn’t have already passed four parts of the CPA Exam, wouldn’t have been able to gain all the credits that I needed to be a CPA, meet the awesome faculty or [receive] the resources I now have.”

Kuntal Patel, BBA ’17 and MAcc ’18
“A lot of the times people think a scholarship is just money; it’s not. It’s being recognized for what you’ve done and knowing that there are people there who want to support you in your dreams and in your goals. It really motivates you to want to achieve more and maybe down the line even give back in your own way.”