Jun 14 • 3 min read

David Wilk is an assistant professor of finance and director of the Real Estate Program at the Fox School of Business. 

“Real estate is the single largest component of wealth in our society.”

-David Ling and Wayne Archer, Real Estate Principles: A Value Approach

At the Fox School of Business, we know why—and can show you how to get in on the action. 

For over three decades, I have been in the real estate business. From corporate real estate strategies to urban redevelopment and underutilized real estate assets, I have seen the power of real estate from a first-hand vantage point. 

In the past ten years especially, from 2008’s global financial crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been clear that real estate is an amazing asset class to create wealth and value—but also very complex and unpredictable.

There have been dozens of stories, in the media and told to us by friends and acquaintances, of the ups and downs of today’s crazy real estate market. The insatiable residential housing market has caused prices to skyrocket, while the rental market has also experienced unprecedented demand, pricing and supply challenges. 

It’s an exciting—and daunting—time to be in the business. 

The good news is that I believe anyone can harness the power of real estate if they have the right tools and knowledge. But I also know that even the most successful players in any industry never stop learning, improving and elevating their game.

Michael Jordan didn’t skip practice. 

That’s why, at the Fox School of Business, we have developed a unique platform of real estate offerings that will help you analyze risk while creating maximum value and benefit in today’s dynamic real estate industry. 

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, the Fox School offers three unique pathways to elevating your earning capacity and professional activities.

1. Develop a depth of expertise in a curriculum dedicated to real estate issues and informed by our industry advisory board. Learn alongside fellow real estate professionals in our 100% online, two-year Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) degree program

2. Hone your leadership skills with classmates from all different industries and professions and take elective real estate courses with our MBA with a Real Estate Concentration. 

3. Earn a Real Estate Graduate Certificate with just four online courses that prepare you to become a leader in the industry through understanding asset management, development and development impact, optimization and valuation. Better yet, earning the certificate means you’re nearly halfway to completing the 10-course MSRE program.

Following Temple’s long tradition of social equity and impact, our curriculum covers current topics like affordable housing, enterprise real estate optimization, infrastructure, diversity and inclusion in transforming neighborhoods, and sustainability. Develop skills in finance, modeling tools like Argus and Excel, and market analysis—while gaining knowledge that can help make an impact on society and lead the future of real estate.

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