Feb 11 • 3 min read

Nonprofit organizations strive to enrich the lives of the community being served. That requires building a leadership team with the skills needed to make a meaningful impact.

“There’s a bit of a tendency to say that just because I’m good at my profession or I’m passionate about a topic, I must be a good board member,” Fox School professor TL Hill says. “But it’s a professional skill very few people have.”

For nonprofit board members looking to enhance their effectiveness or for board leaders who want to attract and train the next generation of members, the Center for Executive Education at Temple University’s Fox School of Business is offering a Nonprofit Board Service Training Certificate program.

“The goal of this program is to train a group of people who will be better, more effective board members who can help the people around them,” Hill says. “There is a lot to be learned in this program and it is all evidence- and experience-based.”

The program is led by Hill, an experienced facilitator, and features a variety of topic experts who bring insight and real-world knowledge to the sessions. It will be held on four Saturdays (March 21, April 25, May 16 and June 13) in the Center for Executive Education’s learning space located on Main Campus at 1810 Liacouras Walk, fifth floor.

“The experience of all of the topic specialists who are coming in is varied,” Hill says. “Some of them are formally trained; others have learned it through the school of hard knocks. But they have all learned it and want to help others avoid what they’ve been through.”

The program is organized into four sessions (below) and will include presentations, hands-on learning, panel discussions, coaching and peer interaction. 

  • Saturday, March 21: Building an Effective Governing Team: Composition, Structure, Process and Culture
  • Saturday, April 25: Cultivating Excellent Leadership: Selection, Supervision, Succession
  • Saturday, May 16: Guiding the Organization: Developing Strategy and Managing Risk
  • Saturday, June 13: Ensuring Sustainability: Finding and Managing Resources

For more information about the sessions and topic experts, click here.

Well-informed strategic decisions improve an organization’s chances of actualizing measurable impact that is aligned with its mission,” says Maureen Cannon, program director for Fox Board Fellows and senior associate director, Fox Management Consulting

For those not yet on a board, the Center will coach participants through a board search that includes clarification of goals and passions, as well as structured networking. In addition, nonprofit boards looking to train and attract the next generation of board leaders are encouraged to send members to the program.

“The Center for Executive Education is excited to add this program to our portfolio as we look for more ways to support an individual’s continued pursuit of lifelong learning once they have entered the professional world,” says Rich Morris, associate director of business development, Center for Executive Education. “We like the idea of providing participants the tools to give back to the community and become more effective board members of area nonprofit organizations.” 

The cost of the program is $3000 per participant. Temple alumni pay $2500 per person. Nonprofit organizations sending multiple board members are eligible for a discounted program fee. 

For more information about eligibility and how to register, click here.