Guntram Werther


  • Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Office: Speakman Hall 381
Phone: 215.204.4202

Guntram Werther has 25 years of Fortune 10 to Fortune 500 work at mid- to senior management levels, and his academic work has been evaluated as best-in-field, or best-in-world, four times.

In 2012/2014 Dr. Werther worked at top-of-field levels in five separate business disciplines. At top-of-government levels, the Program Manager of the Office of The Director of National Intelligence Proteus Futures Program wrote in 2012: “I believe that he is the leading practitioner of holistically forecasting future trends” (Auger 2012) and, in 2009, when this research was honored at the ODNI Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence, the Proteus’ Executive Director termed it “unequaled” (Wimbish III, 2009). The Society of Actuaries’ Extreme Risk Recognition Project Oversight Group Director and Munich RE Vice President stated in 2013, “His skills as a collaborator and insightful thinker would enhance even the strongest academic institution or research team.” Examples of recent highest-level activities include being invited speaker (2014) at Harvard Law School, plenary speaker (2013) at the quadrennial meeting of over 1,000 members of the International Congress of Actuaries, co-directing a project on societal resilience with Dr. Reuven Gal (National Security Council – Israel), being interviewed (2013) on industry best practice together with the Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Vice President of Munich RE, and plenary or keynote speaker at numerous events.

Since 1992, Dr. Werther’s Research has focused on: 1) holistically explaining emerging regional and global change dynamics, 2) holistically forecasting emerging futures, 3) developing better rare event foresight and risk assessments within regional and global markets, and 4) explaining the implications for strategy and the management of international operations (efficiency/comparative advantage) of emerging conflict (insurgency) styles.