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Whether you declare yourself as an international business major or minor – embark on a global immersion trip — or decide to study abroad — Fox Global provides opportunities for you to experience new cultures and gain tools to succeed in global business.

Global Immersions. They’re more than just locations.

IB Major

Immerse yourself with the knowledge and global perspectives required to thrive in the diverse workforce of the twenty-first century.

IB Minor

Embrace an increasingly global business world without having to be fully proficient in a foreign language.

Fox Short-term Global Immersions

Bring your classroom experience to life by immersing yourself in a robust international business and cultural experience.

Temple University Education Abroad

Study abroad in almost any country around the world through Temple programs, exchanges, and partnerships with external programs.

Fox School Short-Term Global Immersions.

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Your Questions Answered

Fox School Short-Term Global Immersions.

Common Questions

Powerful Combination: International Business + Academic Discipline

Dr. Bertrand Guillotin, Assistant Professor and International Business Program Academic Director, discusses the benefits to an undergraduate international business education.

Highlights include:

  • Integrated academic discipline
  • Career advancement
  • Higher salaries
  • International Business Student Association
  • Catalyst to student professional development

Differentiate Yourself

What’s great about the Fox International Business Program? Hear firsthand about the benefits of an international business IB major and minor.