It’s a big world. Immerse yourself.

Whether you declare yourself as an international business major or minor – embark on a global immersion trip — or decide to study abroad — Fox Global provides opportunities for you to experience new cultures and gain tools to succeed in global business.

Global immersions. They’re more than just locations.

Fox School Short-term Global Immersions

Bangkok, Thailand
January 2-11, 2020
IB 2509, Spring 2020

Munich & Berlin, Germany
May 8–16, 2020
IB 2509, Spring 2020

Tokyo, Japan
February 27–March 7, 2020
IB 2509, Spring 2020

Santiago, Chile
August 7–15, 2020
IB 2509, Fall 2020

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Short-term Global Immersions FAQ

What is a Short-Term Global Immersion?

Global immersions are short study trips embedded into an international business-oriented course that allow students a chance to experience global business rather than simply learning about it in the classroom.

  • Led by an experienced Fox faculty member
  • Customized 3-credit course offered in the spring or fall semester*
  • Gain valuable skills in cross-cultural business understanding
  • Learn about unique entrepreneurial environments
  • Understand distinct governance and institutional practices across global business environments

Unlike a study abroad trip focused on classroom learning and sightseeing, the Fox Global Immersions are meant to:

  • Expose students to the environment of business by taking them to targeted destinations that offer a robust and profound practical business experience.
  • Engage in learning opportunities, including meeting with business executives in the destination country, touring factories, interacting with government officials, learning about business from locals.
  • Tour key sites and service learning projects

Global Immersions offer a number of possible benefits for students from any background and in any academic track.

  • Language acquisition
  • International networking
  • Intercultural competence
  • Leadership skills
  • Hands-on learning
  • Global awareness
  • Relationship building
  • Self-confidence

Yes. The undergraduate global immersion experience is embedded in the 3-credit IB2509 course. Your instructor for that course will be the same faculty member that leads you through the immersion experience, giving you the added benefit of in-depth preparation prior to departure as well as valuable insights while on the immersion. You should register for the course associated with the immersion experience of interest to you.

Because this course is being offered for credit, it may qualify for funding through your student loan program. In addition, grant funding may be available in limited quantities for certain qualifying students.

Powerful Combination: International Business + Academic Discipline

Dr. Bertrand Guillotin, Assistant Professor and International Business Program Academic Director, discusses the benefits to an undergraduate international business education.

Highlights include:

  • Integrated academic discipline
  • Career advancement
  • Higher salaries
  • International Business Student Association
  • Catalyst to student professional development