What is the undergraduate research practicum?

The research practicum in business offers undergraduate students a hands-on practical experience working with Fox School faculty on an ongoing research project. This individualized method of learning with a faculty mentor will help the student study a topic of interest, while developing the tools and experience needed to grow their research skills.

Students are paired with a faculty mentor. Check the faculty profiles to find a mentor best suited for your areas of interest.

Read the full course description, learning objectives and deliverables.

Who should apply?

The research practicum in business is designed for undergraduate students in their sophomore or junior year in the Fox School or the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM). Exceptional students from other years are considered on a case-by-case basis. This program is for students who want to get hands-on research experience, solving interesting business problems. Selected undergraduate students will get an opportunity to work with Fox School faculty on a research project in accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, supply chain, strategic managements, statistics, and risk. This is a multi-disciplinary course and candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We expect a strong work ethic from our students.

What is the application process?

This is a highly selective program, with limited spots.

To be considered, please submit your CV, along with a 250-word paragraph on why you are interested in the research internship program.

Submit your application via this form.

What are the prerequisites?

To be considered, students need to earn 100 FLDP points by attending workshops or department seminars. For each workshop, students can earn between 20 and 40 FLDP points. Students can also attend a department seminar and do a short report on the seminar for 40 FLPD points. After earning 100 FLDP points focused on research excellence, students can apply for the program. Please check out the list of our upcoming workshops.

For students starting Fall 2022, students should earn FLPD points prior to applying to the program.

Why is completing undergraduate research important?

Completing undergraduate research is vital to gaining knowledge and skills for higher education and employment opportunities. You can learn an array of transferable skills, including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and writing and sourcing. You will also learn about the act of publishing your research and the potential of graduate school where research is a necessity! Not to mention, the transferable skills learned through this program are extremely important for any industry today. From communicating business plans to solving a companywide problem, these valuable skills are a requirement

Will I be able to work with Fox School of Business Professors?

Yes! There are many opportunities to complete research with professors in the Fox School of Business. We direct you to our faculty mentor profile page to view each professor’s research interests.

How much time commitment is required?

This depends on the number of credits you are enrolled for. If you are enrolled for one credit, you are expected to put in the number of hours you would for a regular one credit course. If you are enrolled for two credits, it would need more hours.

How many times do I meet my mentor?

It depends on your working relationship with your mentor. You are encouraged to meet at least once a week to discuss the project.

Who decides what project I will work on?

We match you with faculty, based on your interests. You can further discuss your detailed interests with the faculty mentor and choose the project you want to work on. Your interest will decide the project you will work on.

If I am interested to continue, could I repeat this course?

Yes, you could repeat the course with the same or a different faculty member.

How do I know if the faculty mentor is good for me?

You will get an opportunity to meet with the mentor before you decide whether you want to sign up with them.

Who will grade me?

Your faculty mentor will grade you.