Neha Mittal
Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Associate Professor
Non-tenure Track
  • Office LocationAlter Hall 532
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  • Titles & RolesStrategic Outreach Director, Translational Research Center


Neha Mittal is an Associate Professor of Instruction, in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Fox School of Business, Temple University. She serves as the Academic Director for the undergraduate program in Supply Chain Management and as the Strategic Outreach Director at the Translational Research Center at Fox School.  

Her research focuses on freight transportation, transportation sustainability, network optimization, logistics, and project management. She has published in highly ranked journals such as Journal of Transport Policy, Transport Reviews, Transportation Research Record, Research in Transportation Economics, International Journal of Production Research, etc., and have published business teaching cases with Ivey Publishing. Prior to joining Temple University, she taught as a visiting faculty at Rutgers Business School, NJ. Neha received her Doctorate in Transportation Engineering from Rutgers University and her Bachelor of Engineering (Civil; Gold Medalist) from Gujarat University, India.

Sample Publications

Academic Journal Articles

  • Measuring Business School Faculty Perceptions of Student Cheating”, Journal of Education for Business, Accepted for Publication, May 2017 (with Blau G.J. , Rivera M.J., Kunkle M., and Ozkan B.)
  • “Shippers’ Changing Priorities in Port Selection Decision – A Survey Analysis Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)”, Journal of Transportation Research Forum, Vol. 55, Number 3, Fall 2016 (with McClung D.)
  • “Sustaining Sustainability in Marine Terminals: A Core Competency Framework”, Journal of Transportation Research Forum, Vol. 54, Number 2, Summer 2015 (with A. Baveja, R. Krishnan).
  • “Incorporating Maritime Stakeholder Perspectives for Implementing an ‘Inland-Depots-for-Empty-Containers’ System Using an Analytic Hierarchy Process”, International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (IJISSCM), Vol. 6, Issue 1, 2013 (with M. Boile, A. Baveja, S. Theofanis)
  • “Determining Optimal Inland-Empty-Container Depot Locations under Stochastic Demand”, Research in Transportation Economics, Special Issue on ‘Freight Transportation and Sustainability’, Volume 42, Issue 1, 2013, pp. 50-60. (with M. Boile, A. Baveja, S. Theofanis)
  • “A collaborative framework to minimize knowledge loss in new product development”, International Journal of Production Research, Special issue on ‘Knowledge Management and Supporting Tools for Collaborative Networks’, Volume 51, Issue 7, 2013, p. 11 (with R. Shankar, S. Rabinowitz, A. Baveja, S. Acharia)
  • “Active Excel Models to Teach Location and the Center-of-Gravity Method”, Operations Management Education Review (OMER), Volume 6, 2012 (with H. Weiss)
  • “Regional Repositioning of Empty Containers: A Case for Inland Depots,” Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board (National Academy of Sciences), Issue 2066, 2008, pp. 31-40, (with Boile, M., S. Theofanis, A. Baveja)
  • “Urban Transport Trends and Policies in China and India: Impacts of Rapid Economic Growth”, Journal of Transport Reviews, Vol. 27, No. 4, July 2007, pp. 379-410 (with Pucher J., Peng Z.R., Yi W., Korattyswaroopam N.) (Impact factor: 1.030)
  • “Urban Transportation Crisis in India”, Journal of Transport Policy, Volume 12, Issue 3, 2005, pp 185-198, (with Pucher J, Korattyswaroopam N., Ittyerah N.) (Impact factor: 1.024)

Teaching Case Studies

Awards and Honors

At Fox School of Business, Temple University

  • Fox Experiential Learning (Tier 2) Award, June 2021
  • Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT’s) ‘Asynchronous Online Teaching Institute’ (AOTI) course certificate, July 2020
  • Merit Award, Temple University, 2013 – Present
  • Deans Teaching Fellow, 2014 – 2016, and 2016 – 2018
  • Crystal Apple Teaching Award, Fox School of Business, 2014, 2016
  • Online Teaching Certificate, Fox School of Business, 2016
  • Outstanding Service Award, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, 2014, 2015
  • Award for ‘Excellence in Teaching’, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, 2013


MBA Courses

  • MSOM 5001: Operations Management
  • Project Management (Tokyo campus, Japan)

BBA Courses

  • MSOM 3901: Operations Management (Honors)
  • MSOM 3101: Operations Management
  • SCM 3516: Transportation and Logistics Management
  • SCM 3517: Warehouse and Inventory Management