Lynne Andersson
Associate Professor
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  • Titles & RolesAssistant Director, Executive DBA Program


Dr. Andersson received her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior/Social Issues in Management from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research, published in outlets such as Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Human Relations, and Organization, focuses on the dark side of business organizations. In particular, she’s been examining some social maladies that are arguably associated with late capitalism and neoliberalism (cynicism, incivility, corruption, detrimental philanthrocapitalism) as well as the role of social activism in countering capitalist barriers to sustainability.

Dr. Andersson teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the area of Business, Society and Ethics and Corporate Sustainability, and has been lauded for her curricular innovation and ability to inspire critical thinking in her students. She was the recipient of the 2006 Andrisani-Frank Undergraduate Teaching Award and the 2005 Musser Excellence in Leadership Award for Teaching.

Active on campus, in her profession, and in the community, Dr. Andersson’s service engagements revolve around trying to stir things up, attempting to “ecologize” and “humanize” the business world and business education. She is currently on the Board of Directors at the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia.

Sample Publications

  • Chng, D., Kim, T, Gilbreath, B., & Andersson, L. 2018. Why people believe in their leaders – or not. MIT Sloan Management Review, 60(1): 65-70.
  • Andersson, L. 2017. Of great vampire squids and jamming blood funnels: A socially constructed and historically situated perspective on organizational corruption. Journal of Management Inquiry, 26(4): 406-417.
  • Andersson, L., & Calvano, L. 2015. Perceived mobility of impact: Global elites and the Bono effect. critical perspectives on international business, 11(2): 122-136.
  • Andersson, L., & Bateman, T. 2000. Individual environmental initiative: Championing natural environmental issues in U.S. business organizations. Academy of Management Journal, 43: 548-570.
  • Andersson, L., & Pearson, C. 1999. Tit-for-tat: The spiraling effect of incivility in the workplace. Academy of Management Review, 24: 452-471.

Awards and Honors

  • 1996 Co-investigator, UNC Cato Center for Applied Business Research Grant of $99,480 to study incivility in the workplace (with Christine Pearson, Judith Wegner, & Debra Shapiro).
  • 1997 Winner, Saint Joseph’s University Faculty Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching.
  • 1998 Best Paper Proceedings. Framing green issues as greenbacks: How sponsors of environmental issues get heard. 58th Academy of Management Meeting in San Diego, CA.
  • 2000 Finalist, Best Paper in Academy of Management Journal. Individual environmental initiative: Championing natural environmental issues in U.S. business organizations, 43: 548-570.
  • 2001 Best Paper in Human Relations. When workers flout convention: A study of workplace incivility, 54: 1387-1419.
  • 2002 Fox School of Business & Management Research Honor Roll.
  • 2002 Fox School of Business & Management Excellence in E-Teaching Award.
  • 2005 Winner, Musser Excellence in Leadership Award for Teaching.
  • 2006 Winner, Andrisani-Frank Undergraduate Teaching Award.
  • 2017 Winner, DBA Faculty of the Year, First Year.
  • 2019 Winner, Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching.
  • 2019 Winner, Temple Honors Professor of the Year.


  • BA 9002, “Scientific Inquiry of Management Research”
  • BA 9815, “Problem Solving Using Qualitative Research Methods”
  • BA 3102, “Business, Society & Ethics”
  • HRM 5402, “Business, Society & Ethics”
  • HRM 2511, “Corporate Sustainability: People, Planet & Profits”
  • HRM 3903, “Management Theory & Practice: From the Locker Room to the Board Room” with Coach Fran Dunphy

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