The Office of Research and Doctoral Programs is here to support Fox and STHM faculty, staff and doctoral students. Learn more about how the Office can help you find funding sources, prepare and submit proposals, and administer research grants.

Copy Editing

The Office of Research and Doctoral Programs provides an in-house copy editor who can provide feedback on dissertations, grant proposals, scholarly articles, and conference papers to Fox and STHM doctoral students and faculty in support of their research agendas.

Doctoral students and faculty can submit requests for editing assistance via Google Forms. The Office requires at least one week after submission for the copy editor to provide thorough feedback.

To submit an assistance request for a paper, fill out this form. For more information, email

Grant Writing Support Services

Grant writing is a necessity for many Fox and STHM doctoral students and faculty in order to find new funding sources and build research networks. The Office of Research can help guide your research grant writing from proposal to budget preparation.

First, view the revised grant writing workbook, updated October 2018. This tool will help any researcher refine the scope and direction of your individual proposal to ensure an effective and competitive application.

Need more help? The Office can support you in locating funding opportunities; coordinating with Temple University’s Office of Research; facilitating the grant application process; assisting with the proposal entry through the Electronic Research Administration process; advocating for faculty; tracking the allocation of grant expenses and burn rates; and assisting with the timely submission of periodic and final grant reports.

To receive support in drafting, submitting, and tracking grants, please contact

Deadlines & Requirement

Come prepared! In order to help Fox faculty and doctoral students most effectively, the Office requests that you have the following items ready:

  • The research project abstract
  • A draft budget