The Journal of Economics and Business began publication in 1949 and has been published by Elsevier Science since 1983. Over the years the scope of the Journal has undergone significant change. Initially, the Journal was called Economic and Business Bulletin and published papers that were of interest to academicians and practitioners living and working in the Greater Philadelphia area.

After Temple University became a state-related institution, the Journal assumed its present name in 1972. At that time, Temple began to emphasize research as well as teaching and to seek both regional and national recognition. The Journal responded by becoming a general-purpose research journal and published papers in all of the fields of economics and in many business-related disciplines including finance, management and marketing.

With the blossoming of business education in the 1980’s and the consequent increase in the number of business faculty, the editorial staff decided to focus the Journal’s attention on those fields to which it could bring academic expertise.

At the present time, the Journal of Economics and Business publishes high quality research papers in all fields of finance and in closely related fields of economics. The Journal is interested in both theoretical and applied research with an emphasis on topics in corporate finance, financial markets and institutions, and investments. Research in real estate, insurance, monetary theory and policy, and industrial organization is also welcomed. Papers that deal with the relation between the financial structure of firms and the industrial structure of the product market are especially encouraged.