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The Fox School emphasizes providing high-quality business education and transforming students into responsible professionals and leaders. While the role of professors is, in large part, about helping students succeed, they are also making great strides in the business research world.

The following books were written or co-authored by Fox faculty. They bring forth great insight into the most current and innovative business practices and help explain how to make the most out of both academic and professional careers. Dive into some of our Fox professors’ recent writings. 

How to Fast-Track Your Academic Career: A Guide for Mid-Career Scholars

In 2021, Anthony Di Benedetto, professor of marketing and supply chain management and Senior Washburn Research Fellow at the Fox School, wrote an insightful book that considers various challenges that researchers may face while pursuing a career in academia. Di Benedetto uses practical research and real-life experiences that provide examples of how marketing scholars can create a balance between teaching and research.   

Artificial Intelligence in Accounting: Practical Applications

Cory Ng, associate professor of instruction and the undergraduate program director in the Department of Accounting, teamed up with John Alarcon, DBA ’18, and chief financial officer at LoanLogics, in co-authoring this book in 2020. In it, they provide accountants with a basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the many business and accounting applications it offers. Ng and Alarcon’s research offers insight into essential AI concepts and technologies that accountants working currently in the profession should know. Additionally, the authors explore how AI can bring upon questionable ethics and challenges into the accounting world.  

Anatomy and Physiology for Legal Professionals

Sam Hodge is a professor of legal studies and teaches law and anatomy-related courses. According to the Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI), he is one of the most popular legal education instructors in the country due to his interactive teaching style. Hodge is joined by co-author and neurologist Jack Hubbard, MD, in writing this 2019 book, which covers all the systems of the body. It ranges from topics on the skeletal system to the immune system and its disorders. Their combined knowledge provides lawyers with a clear understanding of how human anatomy can affect clients’ cases. The book also includes over 275 medical illustrations and an abundance of cases that deal with medical issues. 

Disruptive Innovation in Business and Finance in the Digital World Vol: 20

In 2019, Jay Choi, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Finance and International Business, and Bora Ozkan, associate professor of Finance at the Fox School, co-authored and edited a special edition of the International Finance Review about disruptive innovation in business. These fourteen articles explore the debate regarding topics of fintech, AI, blockchain and cryptocurrency. Featuring a group of global contributors, the authors explore research on digital innovation in the financial and business worlds. They emphasize that digital distribution has impacted the way businesses operate and people’s lifestyles. The book outlines how AI, big data, machine learning, blockchain, fintech and other technologies will have a great influence in industries like law, healthcare and government. Choi and Ozkan talk about how these innovations change the way we consider the future as humans versus super AI.

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