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What do undergraduate degrees in neuroscience, English and strategic communication all have in common? They each provide students with the ability to critically interpret and analyze information. And those critical thinking skills make all the difference in business, whether you’re leading one, working for one or thinking about starting your own.

Recently graduated students from non-business backgrounds like liberal arts and science have strong critical thinking and analytical skills that, when complemented with essential business skills from the Fox Master in Management program, give them a competitive edge in career marketability. The one-year program is designed for all non-business majors with limited work experience interested in diversifying their backgrounds and advancing their careers with skills and experience in accounting, data analysis, finance, marketing and more. 

Through the Fox Master in Management program, students have the opportunity to build on their undergraduate degrees with fundamental business education and gain professional development resources like resume critiques and networking opportunities such as lunch-and-learns with alumni and guest speakers from different corporations.

Meet three recent alumni of the Fox Master in Management from different backgrounds who are working on turning their unique passions into careers.

Conor Pewterbaugh

CLA ’20, MiM ’21

Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Arts, English

Conor Pewterbaugh started his higher education journey with an associate degree in business administration from Bucks County Community College. When he came to Temple, he made the transition to English with a dream of going to China to teach the language abroad. 

After earning his undergraduate degree, he got one step closer to fulfilling his dream with a job teaching English online to students in China. He decided it would be a good idea to get a Master in Management degree, as his associate degree only scratched the surface of the business world and he recognizes how important it is to have knowledge of business fundamentals in today’s world. 

While his initial goal was to teach abroad, he now hopes to leverage his undergraduate degree in English, experience teaching online and Master in Management to launch a career in international relations between the U.S. and China.

For anyone like him with a non-business background considering the program, Pewterbaugh advises, “Don’t let the math stop you from taking this program. You have to understand why the numbers are important to learn and how they can apply to other things. If you’re interested in business, you should just go for this degree.”

Kristen Buckley

CLA ’20, MiM ’21

Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience

After Kristen Buckley earned her undergraduate degree in neuroscience, she knew that if she wanted to run a lab one day, she needed business skills. The Fox Master in Management program is helping her to supplement her science background with business and management skills. It also opened her eyes to what she can do to merge her science and business experience.

“Before I got into this program, I wanted to work in research. Now, complementing my skills with data analysis, my perspective has totally changed. I can go into research for neuro-degenerative diseases or I can work for a company or business,” says Buckley. “The program has totally changed the way I see my future. I have so many more opportunities now. My degree in neuroscience will be much more competitive after being supplemented with this degree.”

Initially intimidated by the move from science to business, Buckley felt welcomed by the Fox community and that her professors have done a great job emphasizing how differences in backgrounds can lead to more opportunity. 

“This program can seem intimidating if you don’t have business experience and you’re taking courses in accounting,” says Buckley. “But the professors aren’t teaching it in a way where you’re expected to come out being an accountant. They’re teaching it to give you the perspective that rounds out the way you see a business.”

Cameron Walker

KLN ’18, MiM ’21

Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Arts, Communication

While working as an account manager for a healthcare consulting company after finishing his undergraduate degree, Cameron Walker developed interest in areas like data and business process improvement that were outside his role. In order to make a career move, he needed a bit more education.

“I found the Fox Master in Management program and after looking at the classes that were offered, I knew that it would give me the tools I needed to move into a role where I can do more of the work that I want to do,” says Walker.

After having two years of work experience, Walker appreciates the practical business knowledge the program is offering through analysis of real business cases, group projects and a capstone class that involves working with actual clients or industry experts to solve real-world problems.

Though Walker understands the value of the business skills he’s learning, he doesn’t discount his undergraduate degree in communication. “I think the different aspects of both my degrees are really good to combine,” says Walker. “The soft skills from my strategic communication background—communication, public speaking, presentation skills—are really important in business. But I found that I really need to know what’s important to leadership. I need to know certain calculations and the language of business.”

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