Nov 10 • 5 min read

It’s official! The 2020 Innovative Idea Competition Finalists have been selected and will pitch at the Finalist Event this Thursday, November 12th to an expert judging panel, and the track and grand prize winners will take home cash prizes! Our finalists represent six schools at Temple University: College of Engineering, College of Science and Technology, College of Theater, Film, and Media Arts, Fox School of Business, Klein College of Media and Communications, and Tyler School of Art + Architecture.

Undergraduate Track

All-Star Connect

Presenter: Taylor Vecchione, Fox ‘24

For division 1 student-athletes, who wish to take full advantage of their upcoming NIL rights in the 2021-2022 school year, Athlete Connect is a Social Networking platform that will provide student-athletes the ability to find brands to partner with in order to make money and build their personal brand. Unlike other apps, our solution allows student-athletes to take advantage of this opportunity themselves instead of having to wait for this service to be brought to their school.

Fresh Friends

Presenter: Promyce Miller, Fox ‘21

Fresh Friends is an app to allow incoming first-year students a safe and fun place to meet before their first day of university. It will let these incoming students, shy and outgoing alike, to create a profile, match with other students, and ditch that first-day anxiety on how to make friends in a whole new world.

Indicative Absorbing Bandage (IAB)

Presenter: Angeli Sen, Engineering ‘22

Vedant Patel, Engineering ‘21

Marko Stankovic, Engineering ‘24

Michael Kyei Appiagyei, Engineering ‘24

The Indicative Absorbing Bandage (IAB) is a semi-permanent, self-indicating gel bandage designed to seal leakage from a percutaneous gastrostomy (PEG) tube. The IAB is dispensed through a syringe-like device, and it adheres to the skin surrounding the outer opening of a PEG tube. Upon adhering to the skin, the IAB absorbs any fluid that exits the tube, and it changes color to indicate the amount of time remaining before it must be reapplied.

Koi Charging LLC

Presenter: Daniel Cantando, Fox ‘22

Eric Yu, Fox ‘21

Made from premium materials, the Koi Flip has a built-in wireless charging pad attached via a hinge mechanism to the bottom left edge of the case. When flipped up, the pad snaps into place through a magnet system and establishes an electrical connection with the laptop. The laptop’s battery supplies power to the pad which then allows you to charge your mobile device. Now instead of bulky cases, carrying your chord around, or standing at a kiosk you can flip and charge with the patent-pending Koi Flip.

Undergraduate Track, ctd.


Presenter: Joshua Joshi, Fox ‘21

A revolutionary new concept to change the consumer packaging industry.


Presenter: Chloe Gehret, CST ‘23

Allyson Yu, CST and Tyler ‘23

Sanitime is a hand sanitizer machine that allows for the combination of a unique mixture of scents through a contactless app or touchscreen interface. The scent designed by the consumer will be dispensed at the touch of a button into a reusable bottle at a local Sanitime machine. After a one-time purchase of a 2-oz bottle, consumers will be able to refill their bottle with their own scent by using a mixture already created in the app or by designing the scent at the machine itself.

Urban Trade Foundation

Presenter: Kevin Quinlan, Fox ‘21

The Urban Trade Foundation is a non-profit that is dedicated to creating a better vocational education service for inner-city schools. Starting first in Philadelphia, UTF will offer an after school program and bring the educational experience to the schools in an after-school format.

Global Pantry

Presenter: Audrey Bader, Klein ‘22

My idea is a subscription meal delivery service that includes a full uncooked meal from a different culture/cuisine with each delivery as well as information about the ingredients, history of the meal and its significance to the culture, and instructions on how to prepare the meal. Our meals come with everything, including exact measurements of spices and ingredients. There are detailed instructions for how to do all the cooking as well as information about 1. The food and its relevance to the culture 2. The culture itself.

Upper Track

Art Flip

Presenter: Jona Shreeves-Taylor, Fox ‘20

Art Flip is an interactive digital platform created to innovate the art industry by making the art experience easy, accessible, and affordable for everyone. This hand-held art fair makes discovering and purchasing art fun by using gamification and automating the process. Art Flip streamlines communication and incorporates tools to assist artists with aspects of the business so they can focus on creating and earning. Art Flip is reinventing how society interacts with art and artists.  

Healthy RFP

Presenter: Eric Friedman, CST ‘24

Jon Vogel, Drexel University ‘13

Garrett Gillin, Drexel University ‘13

Colin Sholes, Beloit College ‘06

HealthyRFP is an online platform that matches life science companies with vendors and service providers. With over half a million monthly searches online related to commercializing life science products, HealthyRFP provides a global solution for companies of all sizes seeking a more seamless service experience. HealthyRFP makes commercializing a drug, medical device, or cosmetic easier by connecting companies with vendors that provide the services they need to bring their product to market – all in one place, saving them time, money, and stress.

My Relief Wear LLC

Presenter: Mary McElya, TFMA ‘14

My Relief Wear is a casual cold therapy clothing company that changes the process of icing painful joints by creating ice packs seamlessly fused to comfortable clothing. We help people who need to use icepacks or cold therapy for relief with the freedom of mobility, packs made for anti-leaking, and comfortable clothing that look and feel amazing.


Presenter: Ankit Verma, Fox ‘17

Nybo is a neighbor-2-neighbor services platform that provides an affordable alternative to expensive professional home services and allows a user to find, contact, and book a home service providing neighbors while building a sense of community.

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