Oct 12 • 2 min read

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused—and will continue to affect—dramatic changes in our world. In the early part of the crisis, information changed rapidly. Entire industries needed to react quickly, by pivoting, adapting or crumbling in the face of the country’s social distancing guidelines. 

When surrounded by the unknown, a single decision can make or break a business. How do executives know what choices to make? Data-driven decision-making is a common refrain among business leaders, but it’s critical to have the right data, methodology and context to use that information more effectively, especially during uncertain times. 

TL Hill, the new director of the Fox School’s Translational Research Center (TRC), knows how academics and business executives can help each other. As managing director of Fox Management Consulting (Fox MC), Hill built strong relationships with businesses, connecting executives with MBA students to create dynamic business solutions for corporate strategy and marketing problems. Now, Hill is bringing that same commitment to translational research. 

“One of my main priorities is (for the TRC) to build a stronger relationship between the research community and the business and policy communities,” says Hill. “I want researchers to ask better questions and to provide the right information to the right people who can use it to make decisions.” 

The TRC represents an important part of the Fox Strategic Plan 2025, which launched in 2019 and will guide the school through the next few years. “Our Strategic Plan is focused on impact and on integrating the business school more thoroughly into the community,” says Hill. “The TRC has a role in both of those priorities. It’s another way to make that research more impact-oriented, relevant and connected to the broader community.” 

What does the TRC do?

  • Ask and answer big research questions that affect business and society 
  • Make rigorous academic research accessible to decision-makers
  • Convene business leaders and researchers to discuss pressing issues 
  • Consult with organization, industry and community leaders to solve specific problems
  • Draft policy documents for government officials and policymakers
  • Write case studies about business decisions
  • Incorporate research insights into class curriculum 

Learn more at fox.temple.edu/trc.

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