Aug 7 • 2 min read
Tigue Devine

This summer looks quite different for many students. As many were gearing up for their summer internships locally and abroad at the beginning of the year, they soon had to put those plans on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But Tigue Devine, a senior majoring in management information systems at the Fox School of Business, did not let these sudden changes stop him from achieving his goals. 

Devine, who is also a Fox Honors student, has been able to balance his personal and work life through setting boundaries, being adaptable and taking responsibility for his future. He found that these skills are essential for being productive in this unprecedented situation.

When his summer internship with NBCUniversal went from an in-person experience in Los Angeles, Calif., to a virtual experience while quarantining in his hometown in South Jersey, Devine proved that adaptability is vital for his success. “At first, I became unsettled, but I was not crushed. I was and still am grateful as I can be to have this opportunity,” says Devine. “The experience is completely different, and yes, I am missing out on L.A., but I am still getting what I came for: knowledge and connections.”

As the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement resurged during the COVID-19 pandemic and Pride Month, Devine took time to reflect on the importance of intersectionality when navigating through society. 

“Amidst mass unemployment levels, civil unrest due to countless acts of police brutality against the Black community and the cancelation of Pride Month celebrations, a unifying force has mobilized oppressed groups to fight for a common goal: our right to exist freely and equally,” says Devine. “As a gay man, I am grateful for Pride Month. This year, I directed my energy towards uplifting the voices of the BLM movement.”    

Today’s world is challenging for many young professionals, who are dealing with unforeseen circumstances: from cancellations of summer internships to the uncertainty of what the return to a “new normal” will look like. Still, Devine did not let these external forces keep him down. 

“I take responsibility for my future. While it appears the world is on pause for many, I look forward to progressing in my professional career, using the knowledge I am gaining from my remote internship,” says Devine. “Although the uncertainty can be overwhelming, I realize that these troubling days will pass. Once they have, I want to be able to see that I did not let the anxiety of the pandemic stifle my growth as a young professional.” 

Devine’s story serves as an inspiring lesson for students and alumni alike. “No matter what the change is, life is about perspective and adaptability to flow with these new challenges and opportunities,” says Devine.

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