Dec 4 • 2 min read

Eric G. PressGreetings from Alter Hall! Enclosed is the Fall 2017 version of Footnotes from Fox. What have the students, faculty, and our alumni been up to of late? We dutifully collect and report the news about department doings to our loyal readers.

What of our Fox Master of Accountancy program? Our reporter spoke with four women in the MAcc class of 2017–2018 who share their unique paths to the Fox program and describe their future career plans.

If you know of a Fox Accounting graduate—be they young or old, just starting or winding up a distinguished career—use the link in the story that follows to submit your nomination. I hope you will be able to attend the May 2, 2018 Awards Banquet, where the winners will be honored. Read more about the event within.

Next, we have a story about YAAG, the acronym for our Young Accounting Alumni Group. Whenever I see their name, I think to myself would they not do well to adopt the Siberian buffalo as their mascot? Initials aside, the YAAG is an important and growing group. I am proud that 1) Our graduates took initiative and created the body, and 2) as one of dozens of attendees at their Yards Brewery event, I can report a good time was had by all. It was fun and gratifying to catch up with so many former students. For me, it is especially pleasing to know that the Department of Accounting played a part in training young people who have gone on to so many impressive accomplishments.

Another newsletter item comprises videos of student-scholarship recipients discussing how the financial aid we raise—and which you contribute—directly impacted their lives and enhanced their Fox education experience. These are vivid testimonials that tell us about how our collective effort and generosity positively improve student outcomes. Spend a few minutes to listen to what they have to say.

Two new members—James Watson and Mike Colgan—recently joined the Executive Committee of the Fox Department of Accounting Circle. We provide brief profiles and some reflections from these two accomplished professionals.

Not least, all three prizes in the 2017 PICPA student-writing competition went to…Fox MAcc students. Three women from the 2017 and 2018 classes won the awards. Congratulations to Mses. Cameron, Chernaya, and Pillsbury. Impressive, no? 

In future editions, we will tell you about the Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting, hosted (very successfully) by the Departments of Accounting and Finance in Alter and Morgan Halls in early November 2017. Two new faculty members joined us in Fall 2017, Barbara Su (Ph.D., University of Toronto) and Wei Wang (Ph.D., University of Missouri). You will read about them soon.

As is ever the case, you get full disclosure when you read Footnotes from Fox