Nov 7 • 2 min read

As a physician executive, Devang Gor, class of 2018, wanted to formally learn and sharpen his operational and leadership skills he uses on a daily basis. We asked Devang about his transformational process and his recent promotion.


Newest Role
I applied for the position of chair, Department of Radiology & Diagnostic Medical Imaging at Lehigh Valley Health Network, when the current Chair announced retirement. Throughout my multiple interviews, I was able to demonstrate sound knowledge of concepts from corporate finance, negotiation, corporate strategy, operations and leadership fields. I was humbled and invigorated when I was chosen for the job.

The job of the Chair is to provide administrative and clinical leadership to the Department of Radiology, oversight of 80 Radiologists working in five different hospitals reporting over 1 million Radiology procedures every year.

Professional Growth
The position involves working collaboratively with the highest levels of network leadership from other clinical departments to meet network goals and provide the highest quality of patient care.

EMBA Impact
Learning from such outstanding faculty, and peers, who are executives from various different fields, has allowed me to gain tremendous insight into the structure of business. This extends from its most basic conceptual level to its most advanced applications in various fields of life. It has not been just about business, but about personal growth and fine-tuning various leadership skills, people skills, learning new concepts and taking it all back to apply them at work on a daily basis.

Advice for Future Students or Colleagues
I cannot overstate the role that the Fox School of Business has played in my current career success. To anyone who wishes to take the next step in their executive careers, I would say don’t be ambivalent about going back to school.
Plan ahead, work hard, make short-term sacrifices, and the world will be yours.