April 07, 2022

The Root of Decision-Making

The Root of Decision-Making

When it comes to thinking about climate change and renewable energy, many people try to make as many environmentally friendly decisions as possible. With Earth Day coming up, what changes can you make?

Researchers, like our guest, are considering how decisions are made—and if the process people use to make a decision can be influenced to select a more environmentally friendly decision about a product or service.

Choosing an environmentally friendly electric plan is one way of helping keep the Earth green. But what if people select a convenient default choice rather than exploring a more environmentally friendly (and possibly cheaper) option?

In this episode, we ask Crystal Reeck, assistant professor of marketing and associate director of the Center for Applied Research in Decision-Making, about the three different ways people make decisions. We’ll learn if there is a way to change a person’s decision mode—and ultimately impact the choice that they make.


“How we decide shapes what we choose: decision modes track consumer decisions that help decarbonize electricity generation” published in Theory and Decision (2022)