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Laptop Specifications

Technology is an instrumental cog in the modern business world and is a pillar of the Fox School’s business educational philosophy.

The Fox School is redesigning our curriculum in a way that uses Microsoft Office, and other hands-on software tools, across multiple courses. This makes it vital for students to have laptops in the classroom.

In today’s competitive environment, mobile technology has become a requirement, not just a luxury. A laptop makes students navigators of their knowledge: collaborating, researching and communicating anytime, anywhere. The use of mobile computing, both inside and outside the classroom, prepares you for living and learning in today’s world.

Starting in the fall of 2018, the Fox School of Business will mandate that all undergraduate students must have a laptop. To help with this, the Fox School’s Information Technology Department has provided below a recommended specification list for the laptops, as well as partnership with Lenovo and Dell to offer you deals and discounts on the purchase of a laptop.

We look forward to employing the new technology-infused curriculum in the near future, giving you and your degree an even greater value in today’s business world.

Our Minimum recommended system requirements for laptop purchases:

Laptop Hardware Recommendation

  • Minimum Intel 7th or 8th Gen Core i3 Processor (i5 preferred) or AMD Equivalent
  • Minimum of 8 GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD hard drive or 256GB SSD or larger ( Preferred)
  • 13.3 – 14 inch 720p LCD display recommended
  • 802.11 AC/N Wi-Fi compatible wireless card
  • Microsoft Office 2016 (Office 365)  and Adobe Creative Cloud are free download from the TUportal
  • Extended warranty of at least 2-3 years preferred
  • Only Windows 10 OS Home or Pro Version, or Apple OSX 10.12 and above can be used.
  • No Chromebooks, Netbooks, Android Tablets, or other similar devices, including iPad will work in lieu of a Windows or Apple laptop.
  • To see more detailed information about Temple’s laptop guidelines, please visit this page: Temple University’s Computer Purchase Guidelines

Get a discount for your laptop when buying from suggested vendors below.

Suggested Laptop Vendors

Students and faculty of Temple University are capable of receiving certain educational discounts through these particular vendors.

Buy used PC’s
Computer Recycling Center

Microsoft Software

All students can navigate here for their free license/download of Microsoft 365, and other Microsoft related products.