Web Requests

Please use the form below for all Fox and/or STHM website-related requests. Once submitted, we may contact you to confirm the details and if necessary, schedule a follow-up meeting to gather information for the project. Please allow up to 4 business days for all requests. Requests not previously approved by the Marketing & Communications department may experience an additional delay. Questions? Email us .

Before You Submit a Request

Does a content change have to be approved?

In most cases, yes. If you’re requesting to add any new content or change existing content on the website someone from the Fox/STHM Marketing & Communications team will likely have to review the request. Any content that includes any statement containing statistical, demographic or numerically descriptive data must be routed through the Analytics & Accreditation team. Typos and faculty bios typically do not need approval.

What if the request is for Fox content on the University website (www.temple.edu)?

If your request is for any page that resides on www.temple.edu (non-Fox) please still use the form below, but make sure to choose www.temple.edu from the “Website Section” dropdown. We will work with Marketing & Communications, as well as, the University to get the changes made.

What’s the process to add a new page to the website?

Initially, someone from the Fox/STHM Marketing & Communications team will likely have to approve the request and review the content. If approved, the web team can layout the new page(s) using our library of design elements, known as “blocks”. All pages on the Fox/STHM website will follow the same design language.

How do events get added to the website?

All events on the Fox/STHM websites are reviewed and approved by Marketing & Communications before they are posted to the Fox/STHM websites. If your request doesn’t have prior approval, please email Kristen Kuipers . Please note, events added via the FOX-STHM Event Scheduling do not automatically appear on the Fox/STHM websites. Those events must be submitted for approval.