2024 Fox International Business Case Writing Competition

Case authors from all business disciplines are invited to participate in the competition. We invite case submissions under two separate streams this year:

  1. Ethics in Business
  2. Finance, and Accounting

The 2024’s theme on “Ethics in Business,” is sponsored by the Fox School’s Center for Ethics, Diversity and Workplace Culture (CEDWC)

The study of ethical business practices touches every discipline in a business school curriculum, challenging students to think about what is right and what is fair from the perspective of numerous stakeholders. Authors are invited to submit cases that deal with:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Examining the obligations of businesses towards society and the environment and evaluating strategies for sustainable and ethical practices.
  • Ethical Leadership: Analyzing the role of leaders in fostering integrity, transparency, and accountability within organizations and with an organization's partners and stakeholder, for ex. issues like child labor, human trafficking, unsafe working conditions, violations of workers' rights, relationship with organized labor, indigenous land rights, displacement of communities, etc.
  • Business Integrity: Investigating issues related to honesty, fairness, and trustworthiness in business dealings, including issues such as fraud, corruption, and conflicts of interest in supply chains and internal governance structures.
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Marketing: Exploring ethical considerations in advertising, product promotion, and consumer targeting.
  • Ethical Workplace Culture: Considering a company's role in creating an inclusive workplace, encouraging reporting of inappropriate and unlawful behavior, and promoting equitable recruiting and talent management.

The 2024’s theme on “Finance, and Accounting” is sponsored by the Fox School’s Fischer Shain Center for Financial Services

Accounting and finance touch all parts of companies by providing data and resources that managers need to make better decisions. Accounting and finance also provide incentives for managers to align their efforts with the firm's goals. Authors are invited to submit cases that deal with

  • New technologies: How new digital creations like FinTech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), etc., change business practices.
  • Crisis and post-crisis management: Adjusting to COVID-19 lockdowns and participating in the Paycheck Protection Act, Inflation Reduction Act, etc.
  • Business process automation: Adopting robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, generative AI (Chat GPT) in business processes.
  • New financial instruments: How do loan officers and auditors evaluate companies after new financial instruments change risk exposures for firms.
  • Climate Risk: How enterprises of all kinds adjust to new regulations on fossil fuels, including the new SEC disclosure requirements.

Dates to Remember

Jul. 29

Case Submission Portal opens:

Sep. 30

Author Deadline: 

Nov. 15

Finalists will be Announced: 

Dec. 2

Award Ceremony: 

Workshops for Authors

The Fox School of Business will host a free, virtual kick-off event for this year’s case competition. 
This will be followed by two virtual workshops on case teaching strategies in conjunction with Ivey Publishing. 

1. Case Writing Workshop

“Case Writing” Workshop (FREE), led by Fox faculty(s) on Monday, May 13 @ 9am - 11am


The case writing workshops will focus on case writing strategies and will cover following topics:  

  • Key dimensions and key questions of effective cases  
  • Case plan and writing process.  
  • Data collection and field research  
  • Opening paragraph assessment Impactful teaching note  
  • Considerations for cases for virtual class  
  • Case publication process with Ivey Teaching cases, consulting cases, and research cases 
  • Challenges and opportunities of case writing 

2. Case Teaching Workshop

“Case Teaching” Workshop, led by Ivey faculty on Tuesday, June 11 and Wednesday, June 12 @ 9am – 11am



  • Early Bird (until May 15): $195 per person for both workshops; Use code: CASEWORKSHOP 
  • Regular Cost: $295 per person for both workshops (after May 15)
  • Temple University Faculty, PhD and DBA students: $0; Use code: TEMPLEFACULTY. Please use your temple.edu address to avail yourself of the discount. 

Last date to register for the workshop is: June 7, 2024.


The first-place case under each stream will receive $2,000. The second-place case under each stream will receive $1,500. Winning case submissions will have the opportunity to publish their case with Ivey Publishing. 

Eligibility & Guidelines


The competition is open to academicians and practitioners, and joint submissions are encouraged. We require at least one faculty member or PhD candidate at a business school actively teaching.

Submission Guidelines

The Fox Business Case Writing Competition has a strong preference for field-based cases (cases based on direct contact and/or fieldwork with a company, including interviews, internal company data, etc.). Field-based submissions require a Consent to Use (release) form.

Cases based on published sources should list all sources clearly. Citations should reflect CMOS17 – Chicago Manual of Style.

All cases must have an accompanying teaching note.

Case length not to exceed 8 pages (body).

Authors should hold copyright at submission. The cases should have never been published in part or in whole in any other venue.

Ivey Publishing will review cases by competition winners for possible publication under the Ivey/Temple co-brand (where copyright will be held by Ivey Publishing and royalties paid by Ivey Publishing to individual).

View Ivey's Ready to Publish guide for additional details.

View the full submission guidelines.

Evaluation Criteria

Case submissions will be evaluated on:

  1. Quality and appropriateness of format, content, structure and style. The competition seeks submissions that demonstrate good practice in case writing and teaching guidance. Each submissions must be related to international business and meet the guidelines.
  2. Value to the teaching and learning exercise. Cases that are likely to invite lively engagement in fundamental issues and contribute to the learning of important DEI concepts and skills are especially welcome.
  3. Timeliness and timelessness. Both new cases that fill important and emerging curriculum gaps and those that remain resilient in long and widespread use will receive special consideration.
  4. Classroom utility. Successful classroom use as relayed in teaching and usage notes that provide thorough analysis and detailed teaching suggestions will be particularly valued.
Review and Acceptance

All submitted cases will be subject to review by plagiarism detection software under license to Ivey Business School Foundation. The submitted case and teaching note will be peer-reviewed by one or more judges, who are full-time faculty members at Ivey Business School and Fox School of Business. Revisions may be requested to the case and teaching note before being accepted for publication.

If accepted for publication, winning cases will be added to the Ivey/Temple library of business cases. Prizes will be awarded to authors once published. If needed, cases may be further developed in partnership with Fox faculty co-authors. Author royalties will be managed through Ivey.

Past Competition Winners

2023 Case Writing Competition Winners

  • First Place: "Anheuser-Busch and the Anti-Transgender Boycott of Bud Light"
    • David Wesley, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • Second Place: "Care for Wild: Social, Ecological and Government Interdependence within Rhino Conservation"
    • AMY MOORE AND THERESA ONAJI-BENSON, Gordon Institute of Business Science at the University of Pretoria in Sandton, South Africa
  • Third Place: "Allens Lane Art Center: Timeless Mission, Dated Model - When Diversity isn't Enough"
    • MELISSA GLENN, NEHA MITTAL, AND SUSAN MATYAS, Fox School of Business, Temple University


2022 Case Writing Competition Winners

  • First Place: "Sasol's Just Transition: Balancing Stakeholder Perspectives to Leave No One Behind"
    • Marianne Matthee, Amy Moore, and Anthony Wilson-Prangley from the Gordon Institute of Business Science at the University of Pretoria in Sandton, South Africa
  • Second Place (tie): "Mattera Motors: How a South African Necessity Entrepreneur Handles Poverty and Marginalization"
    • Joel Bothello, John Molson School of Business at Concordia University and Andrew Charman and Leif Petersen of Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation
  • Second Place (tie): "Stitchwheel: How Can a Unique Start-Up Move to a Sustainable Business?"
    • Sheri Lambert and Neha Mittal of the Fox School of Business and Temple University and Ashley Vestergren of Stichwheel.


2021 Case Writing Competition Winners

  • First Place: "Shakti Plastics Industries: Enabling a Circular Plastics Value Chain"
    • Ahaana Mahanti, Indian School of Business, and Sanjana Gorti, Indian School of Business,
  • Second Place: "Vaccine on Wheels: Service Excellence for Covid Vaccination"
    • Rajeev Kumra, IIM Lucknow, and Surajit Ghosh Dastidar, IMT Hyderabad,
  • Third Place: "Corporate Governance at Toshiba Corporation
    • Ram Subramanian, Stetson University, Florida