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Date: March 8, 2022
Time: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Location: Online via Zoom
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Point of Contact: Temple SBDC

Program Format: Online Meeting (Live)
Training Topics: eCommerce, Internet/Web Training, Technology

Selling online is a huge opportunity to avoid storefront costs, maintain income regardless of quarantine limitations, and reach a whole new audience. But, there’s a bit of a learning curve. In this workshop, we’ll talk about eCommerce platforms, tips for product listings, shipping options, and getting started with promoting your new online shop!

Attendees will be able to:
– See a feature comparison of some common platforms
– Understand the pros and cons of an eCommerce platform vs a marketplace
– Learn tips to get started with product listings, shipping, and social media promotion

Target Audience:
– Small businesses new to eCommerce
– Small businesses with a website that they want to start selling products on
– Small businesses looking for options to sell products online

Jane Clark of BrandSwan will be presenting this webinar. Jane Clark is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and front-end web developer with a specialty in branding, web design, and search engine optimization (SEO). Jane’s diverse portfolio has won 10 first-place awards throughout the greater Delaware Valley. As the Co-Founder & Creative Director of BrandSwan, Jane works with small business owners to build brands and websites that break away from the flock and reveal their inner awesome.


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