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Date: April 14, 2021
Time: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Location: Online via Zoom
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Point of Contact: Sarah Mailloux

Program Format: Online Meeting (Live)
Training Topics: Internet/Web Training, Managing a Business

Video is one of the top shared pieces of content on social media. In fact, many algorithms promote video over static posts! Using video marketing is great to showcase your small business, your products, and yourself! Many small businesses shy away from video marketing because it sounds difficult or time consuming. However, you can make appealing videos quickly and easily with the right tips and tricks! Gordon DelGiorno, of Film Brothers Productions, will be presenting a session on helping small businesses grow their presence through video.

There will be a follow-up webinar on April 28 to ask questions after trying some of these techniques yourself, and work on more advanced aspects of video marketing for small business.

Attendees will be able to:
– Understand video struggles for small businesses and learn the industry numbers of what video has done for small businesses
– Learn the pros and cons of doing video yourself or hiring a company
– Gain simple step by step solutions to prepare for the filming of products, services, or events
– Recognize how to use your mobile phone or iPad to create videos
– Learn the pros and cons of editing a video

Target Audience:
– B2B or B2C small businesses
– Individuals new to video marketing
– Businesses looking to grow their reach with video

GordonDelGiorno, of Film Brothers Productions has been a film and video producer for over 21 years. He has helped many small businesses grow through video, and understands the ups and downs of small business. Film Brothers has produced over 800 video projects, many of which were created within the tri-state area. Instructions: 

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