Benefits and Responsibilities

Benefits for Nonprofit Partners

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    • Receive quality assistance and new perspectives on projects requiring business skills.
    • Make connections with future potential board members.
    • Access new networks of resources and connections through FBF and the Fox School of Business.
    • Support current and future business leaders’ involvement and interest in the nonprofit sector.

    Benefits for Fellows

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    • Apply classroom knowledge to real-life strategic and operational challenges.
    • Develop management and leadership skills through experiential learning.
    • Gain experience working with seasoned professionals from public and private sectors.
    • Develop an understanding of nonprofit governance and have an impact on the surrounding community.

    Responsibilities for Fellow

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    • Attend all board meetings and serve 5-10 hours per month on a board committee.
    • Attend and assist with special events as required of full board members.
    • Identify and complete a project that is related to the board’s work, add value to the nonprofit, and utilize their own experience and expertise.
    • Maintain the same standards of confidentiality as other board members.
    • Communicate regularly with FBF staff and organization mentor regarding the progress of service and project.
    • Participate in FBF training workshops and orientation.

    Responsibilities For Partner Nonprofit Organization

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    • Identify and select a mentor from the board of directors for the Fellow. The mentor should be a current member of the board of directors.
    • Identify, in association with the Fellow and the mentor, a project or projects related to the work of the board, in which the Fellow can actively and productively participate.
    • Provide the Fellow an orientation to the nonprofit, nonprofit staff and its board of directors.
    • Place Fellow on the board mailing list so he/she receives board materials and notices in advance of the board meetings and invitations to special events at the nonprofit.
    • Participate in the FBF kickoff event in the fall.
    • Attend the Orientation to the Fox Board Fellow Program.
    • Complete evaluations (mid-year and end-of-year) sent by Fox Board Fellows.

    Responsibilities For Board Mentor

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    • Help orient the Fellow to board members and unique board and committee structures and practices.
    • Meet with the Fellow on a mutually agreeable, regular basis to provide guidance and support.
    • Help ensure that the Fellow’s project work contributes to the ongoing needs of the board.
    • Attend the Fox Board Fellows orientation program.
    • Complete evaluations sent by Fox Board Fellows faculty and program director.