Changing Lives: The Impact of Generosity

The Fox School network of more than 69,000 alumni and thousands of friends, supporters and industry partners invest their hearts into our community each year. Every generous contribution to the Fox School is a statement of belief in us: Fox students, faculty, researchers, alumni and partners.

As stewards of that network, we celebrate their accomplishments and their commitment to the ideal and dream of Dr. Russell Conwell to provide affordable, excellent education to all students, regardless of their means. 

Why I Give

Faculty donors to the Michael F. Smith Memorial Scholarship share more than their passion and expertise in the classroom.

I worked with Professor Mike Smith for over 20 years. I was constantly inspired by his focus on our students, their experiences, their academic journey, and most importantly, their outcomes. Mike knew that what we do in our classes—with our students—matters. I aspire to carry on this mission to serve our students.

Mary Conran

Mary Conran

Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Curriculum

I give to Temple because I believe in paying forward. I met Mike Smith in 2000 starting my second Fox master’s degree. Mike pivoted me to embrace the advancing digital economy. When I was fighting my own battle with cancer in 2017, Mike piloted me through uncharted waters. All along, he was giving his time to me.

Tom Fung

Tom Fung

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Operations, and Data Science

Scholarships Change Lives

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