Deepening our commitment

The Fox School of Business is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. As part of our Strategic Plan 2025, we identified Inclusive Culture as a key pillar to guide us forward.

We aim to be a place where all members of our community can grow, develop and thrive in their careers. In the recruitment, development and retention of our faculty and staff, we also prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure that everyone is part of a positive, open-minded and respectful environment. 

We welcome your feedback and insight through this feedback form so that you can share your thoughts on how we can enhance our efforts.

Our plan in action

As we continue to implement our plan, the school is deepening its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through activities that support Inclusive Culture. The Fox School is in the process of developing a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council to advise the school’s leadership on policies, procedures and best practices. The DEI Council will not only provide an internal-facing, formal structure for partnering with and leading culture shifts with the Center for Ethics, Diversity and Workplace Culture (CEDWC) but will advocate and lead initiatives to ensure DEI values are embedded into our culture. More information will be available soon.

B4USoar, a program spearheaded by Senior Vice Dean Debbie Campbell, introduces high school students to high-quality education while illustrating how they can thrive in higher learning institutions. High school students who enroll in one of the courses are paired with current college students in the class who help them plan projects, study and offer support. 

The Fox School recently launched the Center for Ethics, Diversity and Workplace Culture (CEDWC), a hub for research, dialogue and innovation. The center aims to bring together leaders in industry, government and academia to focus on diversifying workforces and building ethical, healthy workplace cultures. An advisory board of executive leaders, employment law specialists and government officials will advise the center on its education and research agenda pertaining to diversity, inclusion, discrimination, harassment and work-life balance. 

Resources for our community

Temple University offers a variety of resources for all students and employees of the university, including ethics and compliance reviews, counseling, financial support, and accessibility resources. Temple’s Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership (IDEAL) offers virtual conversations, training and programming for our professional and student populations.

Temple and the Fox School are home to many student professional organizations (SPOs) dedicated to supporting minority students and people of color by engaging them in our community and providing professional development opportunities such as workshops, hosting speaker/company meetings and networking events. This Instagram post links to the social media handles of the SPOs that have opted-in via tagging their SPO so you can read about each organization’s mission and goals and learn how to get involved.

Together we transform

The Fox School is committed to highlighting and amplifying the voices of all members of our community, including women, BIPOC, LatinX, all abilities and LBGTQ+ communities. We share the stories of and provide support for small business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives from all backgrounds and at all stages of their careers. Below are some recent examples.

Catalyst, the Fox School Podcast

Title VII, the Civil Rights Acts and workplace culture