Vinod Venkatraman
Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Associate Professor
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Dr. Vinod Venkatraman is currently an Associate Professor in Marketing, and Director of the Center for Applied Research in Decision Making at the Fox School of Business, Temple University. He also holds a secondary affiliation with the Department of Psychology at Temple University. Dr. Venkatraman joined Temple in July 2011 after completing his PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University. His research involves the use of behavioral, eye tracking, neurophysiological and neuroimaging methodologies to study the effects of context, state, and individual traits on decision preferences. A core emphasis of his research is in the application of findings from the laboratory to real-world decisions in the areas of consumer financial decision making, public policy, and marketing communications.

Dr. Venkatraman received the Early Career Award from the Society of Neuroeconomics in 2016 for his contributions to the area of neuroeconomics and decision neuroscience. His research has been published in leading scientific journals including Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Neuroscience, Neuron, and Journal of Consumer Psychology, and featured in popular media outlets including BBC, Forbes, NPR, LA Times, and Newsweek. Several of his recent research projects have been funded through grants and collaborations with the industry. He is currently pursuing his sabbatical with the Global Science Organization at IPSOS in an effort to bridge the academia-industry gap and make research more accessible for business applications.

Sample Publications

  • Rosenbaum, G., Venkatraman, V., Steinberg, L., Chein, J. The Influences of Described and Experienced Information on Adolescent Risky Decision Making Developmental Review 47 (2018), 23-43.
  • Yoon, S., Vo, K.D., and Venkatraman, V. Variability in Decision Strategies Across Description-based and Experience-based Decision Making, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 30:4 (2017), 951-963.
  • Martinez, D. L.*, Venkatraman, V.*, Brusoni, S., and Zollo, M. Cognitive Neurosciences and Strategic Management: Opportunities and Challenges in Tying the Knot. Advances in Strategic Management, 32 (2015), 351-370.
  • Venkatraman, V., Dimoka, A., Pavlou, P., Vo, K., Hampton, W., Bollinger, B., Hershfield, H., Ishihara, M., Winer, R. Predicting Advertising Success: New Insights from Neuroscience and Market Response Modeling. Journal of Marketing Research, 52:4 (2015), 436-452.
  • Plassmann, H.*, Venkatraman, V.*, Huettel, S.A., Yoon, C. Consumer Neuroscience: Applications, Common Criticisms and Possible Solutions. Journal of Marketing Research, 52:4 (2015), 427-435.
  • Venkatraman, V., Payne, J.W. and Huettel, S.A. An Overall Probability of Winning Heuristic for Complex Risky Decisions: Choice and Eye Fixation Evidence, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 125:2 (2014), 73-87.
  • Venkatraman, V. Why Bother with the Brain? A Role for Decision Neuroscience in Understanding Strategic Variability, Progress in Brain Research, 202 (2013), 267-288.
  • Venkatraman, V., Clithero, J. A, Fitzsimons, G. J. and Huettel, S. A. New Scanner Data for Brand Marketers: How Neuroscience can Help Better Understand Differences in Brand Preferences, Journal of Consumer Psychology 22:1 (2012), 143-153.
  • Venkatraman, V., Payne, J.W., Bettman, J.R., Luce, M.F. and Huettel, S.A. Separate Neural Mechanisms Underlie Choices and Strategic Preferences in Risky Decision Making, Neuron, 62:4(2009), 593-602.


  • Foundations of Marketing Research
  • PhD seminar on Judgment and Decision Making
  • Introductory database management for Marketing

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