Tianxiang (Tim) Shi
Risk, Actuarial Science, and Legal Studies
Associate Professor
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Dr. Tianxiang Shi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Risk, Actuarial Science, and Legal Studies. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) since 2017. His research interests include risk and insolvency analysis, pension/retirement risk management, and reverse mortgages. His papers have been published in leading actuarial and insurance journals, such as the Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, Journal of Risk and Insurance, North American Actuarial Journal and ASTIN Bulletin

Dr. Shi earned his Ph.D. degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Waterloo in 2013. He also holds a M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics (with concentration in Actuarial Science) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a B.S. degree in Mathematics from Zhejiang University. He is the UEC accreditation actuary for the Actuarial Science Program at Temple University and serves/has served on several committees in the Society of Actuaries. He also received the Faculty of the Year award from the Actuarial Science M.S. program. 

Selected Publications

  • Shi, T. and X. You (2022). Multiemployer Pension Plans: Employer Withdrawals and Financial Vulnerability. North American Actuarial Journal, forthcoming. 
  • Lee, Y.T. and T. Shi (2021). Valuation of reverse mortgages with surrender: A utility approach. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, forthcoming. 
  • Shi, T. and Y.T. Lee (2021). Prepayment risk in reverse mortgages: An intensity-governed surrender model. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 98: 68-82. 
  • Landriault, D., B. Li, T. Shi and D. Xu (2019). On the distribution of classic and some exotic ruin times. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 89: 38-45. 
  • Cox, Samuel H., Yijia Lin, and Tianxiang Shi (2018). Pension risk management with funding and buyout options, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 78: 183-200. 
  • Cai, Jun, David Landriault, Tianxiang Shi and Wei Wei (2017). Joint insolvency analysis of a shared MAP risk process: a capital allocation application, North American Actuarial Journal, 21(2): 178-192. 
  • Lin, Yijia, Tianxiang Shi and Ayse Arik (2017). Pricing buy-ins and buy-outs. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 84: 367-392. 
  • Huynh, Mirabelle, David Landriault, Tianxiang Shi and Gordon E. Willmot (2015). On a risk model with claim investigation. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 65: 37-45. 
  • Landriault, David and Tianxiang Shi (2015). Occupation times in the MAP risk model. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 60: 75-82.
  • Shi, Tianxiang and David Landriault (2013). Distribution of the time to ruin in some Sparre Andersen risk models. ASTIN Bulletin, 43(1): 39-59. 
  • Landriault, David, Tianxiang Shi and Gordon E. Willmot (2011). Joint densities involving the time to ruin in the Sparre Andersen risk model with exponential claim sizes. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 49: 371-379. 


  • Faculty of the Year – MS in Actuarial Science, 2019 
  • James C. Hickman Scholarship Recipient of 2011-2013, The Society of Actuaries. 

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