Ravi S. Kudesia
Human Resource Management
Assistant Professor


Ravi S. Kudesia (PhD in Management, Washington University in St. Louis) is an Assistant
Professor of Human Resource Management at the Fox School of Business, Temple University.
Before joining the Fox School, he was a research fellow at Future Resilient Systems: a think tank
established collaboratively by ETH Zürich and the National Research Foundation of Singapore.

Dr. Kudesia researches how people can organize more mindfully. In doing so, he explores three
interdependent processes: attention (what information people notice in situations), interpretation
(how people give meaning to that information), and energy (how engaged people are in
responding to situations). Going beyond the individual level, his research further concerns how
attention, interpretation, and energy transfer across individuals as they organize into
collectives—and how these collectives solve problems and make sense of their environments.

Taking a multimethod and interdisciplinary approach, Dr. Kudesia has conducted research using
experiments, qualitative methods, and agent based models—and has collaborated with
neuroscientists, theoretical physicists, and a Buddhist monk. In addition to the more conventional
organizational contexts, his research also captures organizing processes in contexts as diverse as
protest crowds, explosive demolition projects, and NCAA Division 1 sports teams. His research
has appeared in leading outlets such as Academy of Management Review and Journal of Business

Dr. Kudesia welcomes collaborations with doctoral students on projects related to mindfulness,
sensemaking, and problem solving in complex systems—including students who wish to pursue
qualitative research methods. For examples of his projects, please visit the research link above.


  • BA-9202: Qualitative Research Methods
  • HRM-5113: Power, Influence, and Negotiation

Research Interests

Mindfulness, Sensemaking, Organizational Cognition