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Dr. Connie X. Mao is a Professor of Finance and Joseph E. Boettner Senior Research Fellow at Temple University Fox School of Business. She holds a doctorate in Finance from The Johnson School of Management at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), and a doctorate in Biomedical Science from Cornell University Medical School (New York, NY). Her research expertise is corporate finance. Her primary research interest is in the areas of debt contracting, agency conflicts, innovation, and social corporate finance.

Specifically, Dr. Mao’s research examines the effect of agency conflicts on the financing decisions of firms and debt contracting, and how the resolution of these conflicts influences firm performance, corporate innovation, and the efficiency of security markets. She has published papers in Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Management Science, The Accounting Review, Journal of Law and Economics, etc. She has been named multiple times to the Fox School Dean’s Research Honor Roll, and is a recipient of the Andrisani-Frank Undergraduate Teaching Award and the FMA Outstanding Finance Professor Award.

Sample Publications

  • Daniel Bradley, Connie X. Mao and Chi Zhang, “Does Analyst Coverage Affect Workplace Safety?” Forthcoming at the Management Science.
  • Saiying (Esther) Deng, Connie X. Mao, and Cong Xia, May 2021, “Bank Geographic Diversification and Corporate Innovation: Evidence from the Lending Channel” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 56(3), 1065 – 1096.
  • Connie X. Mao and Wei-Ling Song, January 2021, “Does Reciprocity Affect Analysts’ Incentives to Release Timely Information? Evidence from Syndication Relationships in Securities Underwriting” Management Science 67(1), 617-639.
  • Connie X. Mao and Jamie Weathers, July/August 2019, “Employee Treatment and Firm Innovation,” Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 46 (7-8), 977-1002.
  • Steven Balsam, Yuqi Gu, and Connie X. Mao, September 2018, “Creditor Influence and CEO Compensation: Evidence from Debt Covenant Violations,” The Accounting Review 93, 23-50.
  • Connie X. Mao and Chi Zhang, April 2018, “Managerial Risk-Taking Incentive and Firm Innovation: Evidence from FAS 123R,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 53, 867-898.
  • Yuqi Gu, Connie X. Mao, and Xuan Tian, November 2017, “Banks’ Interventions and Firms’ Innovation: Evidence from Debt Covenant Violations,” Journal of Law and Economics 60, 637–671.
  • Yan Hu and Connie X. Mao, October 2017, “Accounting quality, bank monitoring, and performance pricing loans,” Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 49, 569–597.
  • Saiying (Esther) Deng, Elyas Elyasiani, and Connie X. Mao, August 2017, “Derivatives-hedging, risk allocation and the cost of debt: Evidence from bank holding companies,” Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 65, 114-127.
  • Jongmoo Jay Choi, Connie X. Mao, and Arun D. Upadhyay, July 2015, “Earnings Management and Derivative Hedging with Fair Valuation: Evidence from the Effects of FAS 133,” The Accounting Review Vol. 90, No. 4, 1437-1467.
  • Yong Wang and Connie X. Mao, November 2015, “Shareholder Activism of Public Pension Funds: The Political Facet,” Journal of Banking and Finance 60, 138-152.

Awards and Honors

  • The KPMG Best Paper Award at the American Accounting Association (AAA) Annual Meeting, 2019
  • Joseph E. Boettner Senior Research Fellow, Temple University, 2017-present
  • Joseph E. Boettner Research Fellow, Temple University, 2003-2017
  • Dean’s Research Honor Roll, Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University (2018, 2005, 2004)
  • The Financial Management Association Teaching Award, Fox School of Business, 2008.
  • The Andrisani-Frank Undergraduate Teaching Award, Fox School of Business, 2007
  • Temple University Summer Research Fellowship (2003, 2004, 2006, 2008)
  • Outstanding PhD Student Paper Award at the 1999 Annual Meeting of the Southern Finance Association


PhD Level Courses

  • Asset Pricing Theory & Financial Economics: Temple University. Teaching Evaluation: 4.5*.

Graduate Level Courses

  • Investment Management: Temple University. Teaching Evaluation: 4.4*.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Investments: Temple University. Teaching Evaluation: 4.6*.

Average evaluations: Scale: 1=Very Poor, 5=Very Good

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