Angela Jacquin
Founder, Avid


Angela Jacquin is the founder of Avid, a boutique digital marketing agency in Seattle, WA, that offers a full suite of highly customized marketing services for clients across the United States. As the lead consultant managing a team of experts, Angela works with Avid’s clients to understand their goals and then rebuilds their marketing ecosystem to increase brand awareness, lead generation and revenue. She helps untangle misinformation, increase knowledge and collaboration to create the perfect symbiotic relationship.

Angela is a trained marketing strategist. Her background encompasses digital marketing consulting in software, technology, insurance, financial services, healthcare and many other industries over more than 15 years. Being on both agency and client sides of marketing means Angela can tap her experience in smart decision making to create the transparent boutique agency model found today at Avid.

Angela holds a BA from Arizona State University and an MBA in strategic management and entrepreneurship from Dominican University of California. She is a foster parent and photographer, enjoys hugging dogs and watches re-runs of Parks and Recreation.