Jun 29 • 1 min read

Matthew Stitt entered the Executive MBA program in January 2017 with a mission to develop a stronger understanding of the how the private sector intersects with the public sector. As the Philadelphia City Council’s CFO—a unique position not found in other city governments—he is responsible for working within the City Council to gauge the financial impact of both their legislation and the Mayor’s budget, and help inform policy debates from a monetary perspective.

“One of my personal missions,” Matt says, “is to raise awareness of how both sectors can more effectively drive change in our communities, primarily through maximizing each sector’s leverage and resources. I chose Fox because what I learn here will allow me to navigate both sectors throughout my career [and] to expand on my education in a meaningful way while continuing to focus on bettering our community in the most effective way possible.”

Even though Matt began the Executive MBA program only six months ago, he has already found ways to apply what he has learned at work in the City Council. He reports that he has begun to incorporate transformational leadership concepts into his management style, and to apply corporate strategy principles to problems.

“My ultimate goal,” he says, “is to take the most holistic and informed approaches possible in producing analyses for lawmakers to use in decision making.”
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