May 16 • 2 min read

Young Accounting Alumni Group Since its launch in 2015, the Fox School’s Young Accounting Alumni Group (YAAG) has hosted a variety of social networking events to enable young accounting professionals to connect and network.

Most recently, the nearly 300-member group met up at Yards Brewing Company for a chance to catch up over a pint and a tour with the brewery’s chief operating officer, Trevor Prichett.

Hosted last summer and sponsored by KPMG and Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP, the event brought together about 50 attendees, including young alumni and faculty members. The group networked and got the chance to hear about each other’s professional success over two complimentary Yards brews, a tour, and dinner.

Young Accounting Alumni Group “We held the event at Yards because we knew it would be an exciting opportunity for alumni to get together, hang out, drink beer, do a brewery tour, and have a business-focused conversation with a COO of a big beer company with local roots,” said Jonathan Reiter, BBA ’09, director of finance, budget and capital expenditures at Temple University, and co-founder of YAAG.

Participants got to listen in and join a discussion with Prichett on his background, what it takes to run a brewery, and how Yards handles increased competition in the industry.

“The best part about YAAG is it gives young accounting alumni a chance to reconnect,” said Jonathan. “We were all very close in college, and relationships shouldn’t end once you graduate. Professional connections in this industry mean everything, so re-connecting with professionals in our field can provide enormous benefits, both professionally and personally.”

Young Accounting Alumni Group
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Eligible members include any person 35 years of age or younger who graduated from the Fox School of Business with a major in Accounting, or any person who graduated from Fox Accounting within the past seven years. Learn more about YAAG’s goals and objectives and connect with the group on LinkedIn and Facebook.