December 06, 2020

Special Edition: Experience the Fox School

Special Edition: Experience the Fox School

“For Fox students, there are a ton of ways to get involved outside of the classroom. [The Fox Leadership Development Program] is outside of the classroom activities, whether that’s going to organizational meetings within Fox or outside at Temple as a whole, or even things you’re doing on your own.”

Kate Rickards Markowitz, director of undergraduate enrollment management, Fox School of Business

Whether you’re a prospective student, a parent or a family member, it can be hard to wrap your arms around the experience and culture of a particular school or college.  

In this special episode of Catalyst, we’re taking a deep dive into the student experience at the Fox School of Business to help prospective students (and their families) get a better understanding of what life is like. Kate Rickards Markowitz, director of undergraduate enrollment, tells us about building a life inside and outside of the classroom—in person and in a virtual environment. 

Markowitz explains the majors and minors available at Fox, including which are most popular and, even when you enter the Fox School undecided about a major, how to find your niche. 

Other topics include how students can network with Fox’s student professional organizations and the school’s time earned tradition of preparing students for the workplace.