Spencer Center for Professional Development in Risk Management and Actuarial Science to open at Fox School

By Dylan Coyle

Aug. 5, 2020

The Spencer Educational Foundation recently awarded a $225,000 grant to fund a career development center within the Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management (RIHM) at Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

The new Spencer Center for Professional Development in Risk Management and Actuarial Science will offer professional development activities specific to students in RIHM. 

In addition to the center’s opening, 15 Fox undergraduate students have received 2020 Spencer Scholarships, including a top-five award out of 67 total recipients. 

Below are the award winners.

1.      Mallory Sanders – Spencer Scholarship; Top-Five Award – $7,500

2.      Brian Zimmie – Risk and Insurance Management Society Scholarship – $5,000

3.      John Reilly – $5,000

4.      Shelby Green – Liberty Mutual Group Scholarship – $5,000

5.      Andrew MacQueen – $5,000

6.      Gina Banford – New York Association of Insurance Women Scholarship – $5,000

7.      Sabina Brzozowski – Elizabeth Lisle Scholarship – $5,000

8.      Elizabeth Bunce – $5,000

9.      Matthew Henry – FM Global Scholarship – $5,000

10.   Oleksandr Nikipielov – $5,000

11.   Emilia Pelletier – $5,000

12.   Grace Brighter – $5,000

13.   Matthew Ginsburg – $5,000

14.   Gabriel DiGiamberardino – $5,000

15.   Connor French – $5,000

Spencer Executive Director Megan Miller and Chairperson Marya Propis spoke to Spencer Scholars and other students at a luncheon last semester following the grant announcement.

“If you leave here with nothing else in mind,” Propis said, “we want all of the students as well as the academic leaders to know that Spencer can follow you throughout your career journey and career progression.”

Miller echoed Propis’ remarks.

“We want you to feel that there is value in life for being a Spencer Scholar,” Miller said. “There are networking opportunities and the ability to contact leaders in the industry, so when you’re ready to make that next career step, we’re here to support you in various ways.”

The Spencer Scholarships are awarded to students studying risk management and insurance or actuarial science. Rob Drennan, the director of Fox’s Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management, was elated to see Temple’s large award representation.

“Receipt of a Spencer Scholarship is one of the highest forms of recognition a student studying RMI or Actuarial Science can receive,” Drennan said. “I know we are all very proud of these students as they continue to represent Temple in a favorable way.”

It was easy for the Spencer Educational Foundation to choose the Fox School of Business for its first major partnership.

“To have this at such a prestigious university like Temple University is a huge moment for us,” Propis said. “Temple has the best product in the industry. The students we interview from Temple are the best-prepared, most well-rounded, have the best public speaking skills, as well as the best practical skills for things that will make them really terrific professionals once they graduate.”

One of those past Spencer Scholars is Tyler Welch, BBA ’20, who graduated in May with a 4.0 GPA. He has worked for the National Academy of Social Insurance, International Business Association at Temple and Passumpsic Bank.

Welch said he would be going nowhere if it wasn’t for Spencer’s involvement in his life. 

“It gives me the freedom and the training to make decisions that are best for me and my career,” he said. “I’ve made some great connections throughout the process, and even throughout the department. Other Spencer Scholars that I saw every day but didn’t know their names, now I know their names. It’s been really good inside the classroom and outside the classroom.”

Welch said being a scholar has also allowed him to be more financially independent.

Once it opens, the Spencer Center will hold career receptions for internship and pre-graduation career opportunities, offer résumé, interview, etiquette and writing skills workshops, and present industry speakers for learning and networking sessions.