Academic Research Grants

CIBER Summer 2021 Research Grants Application Materials

A complete CIBER Research Award application consists of

1) a PDF file containing an overview of your project
2) a completed CIBER Research Budget Proposal Template

Please see the attached document entitled “CIBER Allowable and Unallowable Activities” for more information. A typical award is $5,000. However, proposals requesting up to $10,000 will be considered provided there is a direct correlation between the increased amount and the expected impact of the project.

Awards will be disseminated through the Temple CIBER office. Given the risks of international travel during this time, we encourage applications that rely on other types of activity apart from travel. Should any applicants choose to include travel and move on to be subsequently approved, grantees must contact the CIBER office before making any airline or other travel arrangements. Travel arrangements must be approved by the Temple CIBER office at least one month in advance of travel and must conform with all federal restrictions, including the Fly America Act. CIBER allowable expenses may be used for hourly research assistance, data collection, travel, etc.

Your proposal must demonstrate alignment with the goals of CIBER, which include the advancement of comparative and international business research, promotion of U.S. exports abroad, and improvements in U.S. business competitiveness in global markets. This can include research that advances the teaching and/or use of foreign languages for business. Your proposal should describe clearly how you will utilize CIBER funding to facilitate the achievement of these goals. You are also expected to provide at least one deliverable at the end of the grant, which may be a publication, conference presentation or similar defined project. You will be asked to provide information about the completion of this deliverable that will be used in CIBER publications.

Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with a final deadline of 11:59 PM ET on Monday, December 5th, 2022. Proposals will be reviewed by the academic and administrative directors of Temple CIBER. All awarded funds must be spent before the end of the federal fiscal year (Sept. 30, 2021).

Please submit applications or direct questions to:
Jeffrey Conradi
Associate Director, International Programs/Temple CIBER
Fox School of Business, 701 Alter Hall