Joseph S. Zuritsky

Joseph S. Zuritsky

Joseph S. Zuritsky

Joseph S. Zuritsky is Chairman and CEO of Parkway Corporation, an 88-year-old, family-owned business, with real estate development and parking operations in nine North American cities. He is joined in Parkway Corporation by his son, Robert, and his daughter, Anna, both of whom have earned MBA degrees from Temple University. He credits the company’s growth over the years to its culture of teamwork, strong industry partnerships, the highest level of integrity, combined with an innovative mentality. Parkway was an early adopter of closed-circuit TV and automated payment systems now common in parking facilities. “We actually devised our own automation utilizing Parkway’s staff’s ingenuity and low-priced computers before more advanced hardware was available in the marketplace,” he says.

Parkway Corporation is now considered a national leader in parking technology and an expert integrator of parking into multi-use developments. In 1957, Joseph S. Zuritsky entered the business school of Temple University after concluding he needed additional education in business to help run and grow Parkway Corporation, his parents’ small parking lot company. One day while attending an accounting class, he complained to his professor, Marvin Kaufman, head of the Department of Accounting, that his parents’ accounting firm was advising them to sell their chronically cash-starved business. After a quick look at the books, Dr. Kaufman drew up a plan to increase Parkway’s cash flow by replacing its short-term loans with long-term financing. Because of that relatively simple advice, “He basically saved our company,” Mr. Zuritsky recalls fondly. “He was truly an amazing guy.” Dr. Kaufman ended up serving as the company’s accountant and played a key role helping it to grow for the next 30 years. In his early years as a manager, Kaufman admitted to making the mistake of employing A-type personalities in key staff positions and then trying to get them to work together as a team. “That, of course, failed, as they were only interested in fighting each other for dominance, and spent half their time scheming to do so. Eventually, we were forced to replace them with equally talented persons who were happy working as a team.” Since then, Parkway’s staff is selected for its ability, temperament and character. “We now have a smoothly functioning organization that works well and is something special to be part of.” With his son and daughter in key executive positions keeping everything moving forward, “I have no interest in retiring at all,” he says. “I hope to continue working as long as I can still contribute.”

Temple University Degree
Bachelor of Science ’61, Fox School of Business | Juris Doctor ’64, Beasley School of Law

Current Title & Company
Chairman and CEO, Parkway Corporation

Temple University Awards & Affiliatons

  • Former Dean’s Council, Fox School of Business
  • Gallery of Success Award Winner, 2002

What I wanted to be when I was 20 years old
A successful businessman

Best piece of advice anyone ever gave me
Treat everyone fairly and with respect regardless of their station in life