Jim Hilliard

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Jim Hilliard

  • Fox School of Business and Management

    • Risk, Actuarial Science, and Legal Studies

      • Associate Professor of Instruction


Jim Hilliard is Associate Professor of Instruction in the Department of Risk, Actuarial Science, and Legal Studies in the Fox School of Business at Temple University. His research is focused on capital structure, capital markets, and regulation in the insurance industry. He also publishes case studies and pedagogical notes for both the insurance and finance classroom.

Among other outlets, Hilliard has published in the Journal of Risk and Insurance, Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, Southern Economic Journal, and European Financial Management. He is a frequent lecturer for events sponsored by the Griffith Educational Foundation, including invited lectures for legislators with responsibility for overseeing insurance operations in their states.

Research Interests

  • Corporate finance and managerial economics
  • Capital structure
  • Distribution issues and market structure with special interest in issues of public policy importance

Courses Taught




AS 3597

Actuarial Practice: Group & Health Benefits


RMI 3503

Retirement Plans


RMI 4596

Advanced Topics in Managing Human Capital Risk


RMI 4597

Managing Risk Across the Enterprise


RMI 5051

Managing Risk


RMI 5101

Managing Human Capital Risk


Selected Publications


  • Hilliard, J. (2020). Teaching the Economics and Convergence of the Binomial and the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Formulas. Journal of Economics and Financial Education. Retrieved from https://www.economics-finance.org/jefe/issues/JEFE-Vol-19-Num-1-Summer-2020.pdf.

  • Hilliard, J. & Ruhland, J.S. (2020). Retirement Planning with Spreadsheets: Monte Carlo Simulations without Third Party Software. Advances in Financial Education.

  • Hilliard, J. & Ruhland, J.S. (2019). Opening the Black Box: Teaching the Mechanics Of Monte Carlo Simulation Through Value At Risk. Journal of Risk Education, 10(1), 16-23. Retrieved from http://www.jofriskeducation.org/index.php/jore/issue/view/14.

  • Hilliard, J., Liebenberg, A.P., Liebenberg, I., & Ruhland, J. (2018). The Market Impact of the Supreme Court Decision Regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Evidence from the Health Insurance Industry. Journal of Insurance Issues, 41(2), 135-167. Retrieved from https://www.jstor.org/stable/26505752?seq=1.

  • Hilliard, J., Pottier, S.W., & Xu, J. (2018). Insurer Capital Structure and Debt-Equity Hybrid Securities. Journal of Risk and Insurance, 85(1), 219-244.