Jayanthi Krishnan

Jayanthi Krishnan

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      • Merves Senior Research Fellow


Dr. Jayanthi Krishnan (Ph.D., Ohio State University) joined the Accounting Department in Fall 2000. Her research areas include audit quality, auditor turnover, internal control, corporate governance, and audit regulations. She is the recipient of the 2015 American Accounting Association’s Notable Contribution to the Auditing Literature Award.

Jayanthi Krishnan is the Senior Editor of Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory. She serves on the editorial boards of the Accounting Review, Accounting Horizons and has served on the editorial board of Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory and Current Issues in Auditing. Her publications appear in a number of journals including the Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, Accounting Horizons, and the Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics.

Jayanthi Krishnan has been named to the Fox School Dean’s Research Honor Roll, is a recipient of the Business Honors Association’s Teacher of the Year Award, a two-time recipient of the Beta Alpha Psi Teacher of the Year Award, a two-time recipient of the Fox MBA Faculty of the Year award, a three-time recipient of the Fox School Crystal Award for teaching, and the recipient of the 2008 Musser Excellence in Leadership Award for teaching.

Courses Taught




ACCT 2521

Cost Accounting


ACCT 9001

Interdisciplinary Accounting Research


Selected Publications


  • Krishnan, J. & Li, M. (2023). Are Referred-To Auditors Associated with Lower Audit Quality and Efficiency? AUDITING: a Journal of Practice & Theory, 42(1), 101-124. American Accounting Association. doi: 10.2308/ajpt-18-141.

  • Krishnan, J., Lee, S.M., Son, M., & Song, H. (2022). Social Capital and Internal Control Material Weaknesses. Accounting Horizons, 36(4), 133-155. American Accounting Association. doi: 10.2308/horizons-16-153.

  • Gong, J., Krishnan, J., & Liang, Y. (2022). Securities-Based Crowdfunding by Startups: Does Auditor Attestation Matter? The Accounting Review, 97(2), 213-239. American Accounting Association. doi: 10.2308/tar-2018-0412.

  • Adams, T., Krishnan, J., & Krishnan, J. (2021). Client influence and auditor independence revisited: Evidence from auditor resignations. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 40(5). doi: 10.1016/j.jaccpubpol.2021.106846.

  • Krishnan, J., Krishnan, J., & Liang, S. (2020). Internal control and financial reporting quality of small firms: A comparative analysis of regulatory regimes. Review of Accounting and Finance, 19(2), 221-246. doi: 10.1108/RAF-05-2018-0107.