David Jones

David Jones

  • Fox School of Business and Management

    • Accounting

      • Associate Professor of Practice

      • Jerome Fox Chair in Accounting, Taxation, and Financial Strategy


David (Dave) Jones joined the Accounting Department in Fall 2015. Dave received his Doctor Management degree from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio and was a tax partner with Ernst & Young, LLP before retirement in 2006 as the Global CEO of the firm’s Global Mobility Services. Dave has been a professor at Slippery Rock University and Case Western Reserve University prior to joining Temple. Dave’s research interests include practitioner-oriented tax research in general topics and real estate tax, and behavioral trends among tax professionals. Dave is active with students, a faculty advisor for an accounting student professional organization and leads the Department’s relationship with AACSB International, (an accreditation association) the world’s largest business education network connecting students, academia, and business to advance business education worldwide.

Research Interests

  • Taxation
  • Real Estate
  • Advanced Accounting Topics

Courses Taught




ACCT 3531

Federal Taxes on Income


ACCT 3532

Topics in Taxation


ACCT 3533

Advanced Financial Accounting


ACCT 5205

Advanced Federal Taxation


Selected Publications


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