Daniel Goldberg

Daniel Goldberg

  • Fox School of Business and Management

    • Management

      • Associate Professor of Instruction


Daniel E. Goldberg is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Department of Human Resource Management. He is also the Academic Director of the Business Management Bachelor of Business Administration Program.

He founded the national optical chain “For Eyes.” Subsequently, he created an international management, marketing, public relations, and advertising firm.

He has been interviewed in publications such as Newsweek, Business Week, and Investor’s Business Daily, as well as many major United States newspapers. He also has appeared on Good Morning America and other television and radio programs.

Goldberg earned his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Delaware Valley University. He achieved a Master of Business Administration from Kutztown University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University.

Courses Taught




BA 3102

Business Society and Ethics


HRM 3501

Power, Influence and Negotiation


HRM 3507

Intrapreneurship in the 21st Century


HRM 4597

Critical Skills for Effective Managers


SGM 3511

Doing Well by Doing Good: Where Innovation and Entrepreneurship Meet Social Impact


BA 9783

Research Project II


BA 9883

Research Project III


BA 9883

Directed Reading/Study


HRM 5112

Leading High Performing Teams


Selected Publications


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  • Goldberg, D. (2021). Intrapreneurship: The Entrepreneurs From Within - A practical guide on innovation, strategy, and implementation. Great River Learning.

  • Blau, G., Snell, C., & Goldberg, D. (2020). Reinforcing the Importance of Maintaining Internship Support for College Student Engagement and Anticipated Employment. Journal of Education and Learning, 10(1), 1. doi: 10.5539/jel.v10n1p1.

  • Blau, G., Goldberg, D., & Szewczuk, R. (2020). Exploring the Relationships of Grading Assessment Learning Perceptions Scales to Perceived Added Education Value Required Course Business Scales. Journal of Education and Development, 4(2), 58. doi: 10.20849/jed.v4i2.775.