C. Anthony Di Benedetto

Profile Picture of C. Anthony Di Benedetto

C. Anthony Di Benedetto

  • Fox School of Business and Management

    • Marketing

      • Professor

      • Washburn Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests

  • New product development
  • Product and process innovation
  • Competitive strategy and positioning
  • Industrial marketing
  • Mathematical models in marketing

Courses Taught




IB 3553

International Marketing


MKTG 3553

International Marketing


BA 9816

Creation and Dissemination of Business Knowledge


BA 9883

Research Project III


EMGT 5637

Marketing Technological Products and Services


MKTG 5001

Marketing Management/Strategy


MKTG 5107

Product Management


Selected Publications


  • Moon, H., Di Benedetto, C.A., & Kim, S.K. (2022). The effect of network tie position on a firm’s innovation performance. Journal of Business Research, 144, 821-829. Elsevier BV. doi: 10.1016/j.jbusres.2022.02.035.

  • Patrucco, A., Frattini, F., & Di Benedetto, C.A. (2022). Characteristics of supplier performance measurement systems in collaborative innovation projects: the role of the purchasing department. Supply Chain Management: an International Journal, 27(2), 207-231. Emerald. doi: 10.1108/scm-11-2020-0551.

  • Husain, Z., Dayan, M., Sushil, S., & Di Benedetto, C.A. (2022). Impact of customer focus on technology leadership via technology development capability – a moderated mediation model. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 37(2), 282-293. Emerald. doi: 10.1108/jbim-04-2020-0186.

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