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Aleksi Aaltonen

  • Fox School of Business and Management

    • Management Information Systems

      • Assistant Professor


Dr. Aleksi Aaltonen is an Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems. He has over twenty years of experience in digital innovation as a management scholar and successful entrepreneur. He joined the Fox School from Warwick Business School, United Kingdom.

Dr. Aaltonen uses quantitative, qualitative and computational methods to study data-based innovation and organizing; his research has been published in top academic journals such as Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Organization Studies, and Journal of Information Technology.

Before academia, Dr. Aaltonen worked for private and nonprofit sectors designing, building and managing digital services for organizations such as Nokia, and the Crisis Management Initiative founded by the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari. In 2012, he cofounded and helped to raise 1.7 million euros funding for an activity tracking app Moves. Apple chose Moves as the Best App of 2013 in the Fitness Revolution category, and the company was acquired by Facebook in April 2014.

Courses Taught




MIS 0855

Data Science


MIS 9004

Adv Research Methods-IS


Selected Publications


  • Alaimo, C. & Aaltonen, V.A. (2023). Strategizing with data: Data-based innovations and complementarities. In Array, Research Handbook on Digital Strategy (pp. 239-254). Edward Elgar Publishing.

  • Aaltonen, A., Alaimo, C., & Kallinikos, J. (2021). The Making of Data Commodities: Data Analytics as an Embedded Process. Journal of Management Information Systems, 38(2), 401-429. doi: 10.1080/07421222.2021.1912928.

  • Alaimo, C., Kallinikos, J., & Aaltonen, A. (2020). Data and value. In Handbook of Digital Innovation (pp. 162-178). doi: 10.4337/9781788119986.00022.