The Department of Accounting provides students with a broad education and intensive study in preparation for professional careers in public accounting, cost and managerial accounting, information systems, business consulting, government, and nonprofit institutions.

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The Department of Finance boasts a groundbreaking finance and real estate curriculum that integrates sound financial management principles and innovative strategies with direct learning and real-life application to equip students for career options that include analyst, international investment banker, real estate executive, and wealth manager.

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Human Resource Management

The Department of Human Resource Management prepares students for careers as ethical leaders and human resource managers who understand that commitment to employee well-being and talent development enhance an organization’s productivity, reputation, and sustainable profits.

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Legal Studies in Business

The Department of Legal Studies readies students to become business professionals and attorneys by offering hands-on training in how to read cases and statutes, conduct legal research, make legal arguments, and navigate the complex intersections of business, the public sphere, and the law.

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Management Information Systems

The Department of Management Information Systems—a world leader in transformative research on the design, use, and effects of information technology in a digital world—prepares students to initiate, design, and apply technology to transform business functions and produce innovative products, services, and research.

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Marketing and Supply Chain Management

The Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management is a leader in marketing research and practice, and offers industry-focused course sequences that prepare students to be leaders in areas such as digital marketing, analytics, consumer insights, sales force effectiveness, and supply chain management.

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Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare Management

The Department of Risk, Insurance & Healthcare Management prepares students for some of the biggest challenges facing the global economy by producing executive decision makers able to handle the growing responsibilities in the fields of actuarial science, healthcare, risk management, and insurance.

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Statistical Science

The Department of Statistical Science educates future industry leaders in foundational theory and methods so they are ready to successfully apply a broad range of statistical tools to urgent and specific problems that arise in nearly every area of business, society, and science.

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Strategic Management

The Department of Strategic Management prepares students in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategic management, and international business so they can start their own businesses and to formulate innovative corporate and global business level strategies.

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