The Social Impact Summit is a hallmark event of the Temple University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute, highlighting successful Temple entrepreneurs in this space and addressing important social issues affecting the Temple University community, impacting our region, and causing change to happen around the world. 

The Summit and corresponding Keynote speaker(s) focus on areas of increasing need in terms of social causes, especially as it relates to the Temple U. community and the greater Philadelphia area. Our speakers talk not only about why their venture, company, or non-profit is important to its cause, how they started getting involved in that area, but we also hope it comes with a “call to action” of sorts, and both inspires volunteers with their organization, or sparks that entrepreneurial spirit within attendees to create ventures with greater purposes than the bottom line and profits!

The Changemaker Challenge is a competition for ideas and ventures in the social impact space with an aim of creating positive change in the world. The competition includes workshops and mentoring opportunities, entrepreneurial resources, and the opportunity to win cash prizes during the culminating Live Pitch Event, which takes place during the Social Impact Summit! The Challenge is open to all Temple University students, alumni, faculty and staff. Submissions for this year’s Changemaker Challenge are due on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 11:59pm.