Executive Leadership Development

Through our engagements, Fox Management Consulting offers organizations an opportunity to train their high potential executives by educating them in our research and strategy development process.

We invite our clients to assign an executive to the Fox MC consulting team.  This individual serves not only as an internal project champion, but also as the primary liaison with the Fox MC team.  In that way, the client executive receives an opportunity to translate company objectives to an external consultant, build bridges within the organization, cultivate support for the project, and implement final recommendations within the organization.  To guide this process, the client executive will learn our approach to research and strategic evaluation, participate in the strategy development process, and receive one-on-one coaching from a Fox MC executive mentor.

We’d love to work with you!  If you’re interested in becoming a Fox Management Consulting client, get in touch through our online form.  Someone from our team will connect with you soon.